News: FSSW Mosley: Rod Marinelli giving the Cowboys' D credibility

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    Published: Friday, June 07, 2013, 10:11am

    IRVING, Texas — The Dallas Cowboys' coaching staff is showing its age. And that's a good thing.

    New defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin, a spry 73, has been reunited with the 63-year-old Rod Marinelli. The two were part of a remarkable coaching staff in Tampa Bay for a decade, and they will try to replicate some of that success with the Cowboys. Kiffin is regarded as the architect of the famed "Tampa 2" defense. But these two men will essentially be co-defensive coordinators this season. All it takes is watching one practice to realize how prominent a role Marinelli will play.

    Marinelli, who spent the past four seasons with the Bears after a disastrous run as head coach with Detroit, has quickly won the respect of his players. The Vietnam veteran has a "gimpy swagger" to him, according to head coach Jason Garrett. And Garrett was speaking in a literal sense, because Marinelli has a pronounced limp. In fact, I'd heard so many folks reference the limp that I asked Marinelli on Tuesday whether it was an old football injury. He politely deflected the question, saying "it does its thing, I do mine." And he's never discussed his one-year tour of duty in Vietnam, either.

    During the organized team activities that have been open to the media, Marinelli's military influence has been easy to detect. He appears to be the most energetic coach on staff, and players appear to feed off his enthusiasm. Off the field, Marinelli is fairly soft-spoken. It's not likely he'll provide the juicy sound bites that Rob Ryan delivered on a weekly basis.

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    Thank goodness Rod came along!
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    No offense Ryan.

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