News: FSSW: Sturm: Cowboys need more plays from defense

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Oct 17, 2012.

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    October 17, 2012
    When we look at splash plays every week, we are looking for 2 in particular that are extra special. We are not here to thumb our noses at pressures or run stuffs, but it sure seems that the name of the game is really sacks and takeaways. We especially love DeMarcus Ware's strip-sack the best, as it accomplishes both.

    But with a 2-3 record and another game with no takeaways, we are left to wonder how this defense can truly be considered strong if it cannot A) get to the QB and B) get turnovers (which are a direct result of A).

    They have just 10 sacks, which is below the league average and 25th in the league, and only 4 takeaways which ranks 31st in the NFL. Their annual ranking in the NFL in takeaways has never been anything special over the last several seasons with their only top 10 finish actually in the disastrous 2010 in which nothing else went right for the entire organization (and the only year with 2 defensive coordinators, as Phillips was replaced in midseason).

    There was plenty of discussion in the offseason about the idea of spending a top pick on a pass rusher who could make things happen opposite Ware or, heaven forbid, from the defensive line - but, of course, the team addressed corner. Not a bad strategy, but as we said when they did it, this premise that the team would suddenly find coverage sacks because of great coverage down the field was a faulty premise at best and ridiculous at worst.

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    Film at 11.
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    I think the 3-4 has been a huge failure in Dallas. I wish they would get rid of it and Rob Ryan and go back to the 4-3.

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