News: FSSW: Sturm: Crawford a promising and versatile D-end

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, May 2, 2012.

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    May 2, 2012
    The following is the 1st in a series of draft profiles for the Dallas Cowboys selected players from April's draft. These profiles are put together after watching significant amounts of tape from each player, and is an attempt to examine their resumes and play to get an idea of how they might fit in best with Dallas come training camp.

    Tyrone Crawford Boise State DE 6-foot-4, 275 lbs.
    40 time: 4.85, Bench Press: 28
    November 22, 1989 (22)

    The most enjoyable part of the NFL Draft process for some of us who really love the game is to recognize that no matter how hard we try as media or fans to anticipate what goes on inside the Cowboys war room (or any team's, for that matter), we quickly see that we have no idea what they are thinking and who they like on draft day. Oh sure, sometimes we can piece clues together between sources and visits and various other items, but for the most part, when a name is announced, it causes many of us to scramble to figure out who a player is and what the Cowboys saw in him.

    After the Cowboys selected at #6, they had a long trip to get to #81 for their next selection. As the pick approached, we all had guys that we thought might fit with the needs and interests of the Cowboys. With about 15 minutes to go before their pick, I tweeted out this message: I would really like Ta'Amu at #81. Really hard. Would settle for C Blake, WR Adams, or LB Ronnell Lewis. Ta'Amu went at Pick #109, Blake at pick #108, Adams at pick #104, and Lewis went at pick #125. Regardless of what I thought -- or any other media member thought -- I don't believe any of us suggested they were about to grab Boise State's Tyrone Crawford. But, they did. And I trust their ability to collect information way more than any of us on the outside.

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    I dunno....maybe it's just me...but I watched that first video and he looks awful.

  3. onetrickpony

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    I thought the same thing. Maybe he showed more in the second video but I wasn't interested in 8 more minutes of seeing him blocked, trurned, and a step late.
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    That first video...looks easily controlled by the linemen :( Didn't show squat in that first video. I dunno...I don't know much about him but in that first vid he didn't stand out at all.
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    Guess Im not crazy than. Hope this was not the tape that they based their decision on. Has plenty of movement but I saw maybe 1 play where he really did anything.
  6. newnationcb

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    Either you guys don't really know what you're watching or you couldn't spot number 40.

    Stick to following the football I guess.
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    It's not just you..

    However, keep in mind that he was patently held on 2 of the plays I saw and the other plays we just don't know what his assignment was.

    Still, it's obvious he has alot of work to do because the types of holds he was subjected to on that first film clip are common in the NFL and they're almost never called.
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    In the first video at the 30 second mark he throws the LT aside and then starts to go inside but the ball is out quick on the play.

    He's a very raw pass rusher but the strength is there, he's like Poe where he needs to be taught proper technique/hand usage to take advantage of his strength. You can also see the motor in his play, won't quit until the whistle.
  9. onetrickpony

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    I had no problem spotting him. If you watched the video, they drew a box around him at the start of each play ;)

    Maybe I was expecting a highlight video where we actually got to see some of the sacks and TFL plays he is credited with instead of some random series in a game where he did not have much of an impact. Hopefully we get more out of him than that.

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