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    August 20, 2012

    After a sloppy fourth quarter in which the Cowboys surrendered 21 points thanks to some generosity from the reserves in the turnover department, Dallas lost the second preseason game to the San Diego Chargers, 28-20. But, over the course of the evening in beautiful San Diego, things started to round into shape as it pertains to the battles on the roster and ultimately on the field for the team. Dallas is not ready for the season to begin, and the nine starters who were held out for various injuries must return quickly, but you are starting to see signs of how they would like the team to look when live ammunition is used in 16 days time.

    One of the themes of the offense in the offseason is the dependence on the veterans who are holdover to the Bill Parcells era to continue to carry the bulk of the mail. It is certainly great that players who are now at or near their 30th birthday are still contributing in such large doses, but with Jason Witten and Miles Austin missing so much of training camp on the offense, it was refreshing to see the camps that are being put together from two players who were both born in 1988.

    The older of the two, DeMarco Murray, looked as if he cannot wait to start the season from his limited use against the Chargers. Murray, who we discussed at great length a few weeks back, has a burst to his game that is unlike anything at his position in years. He also has versatility that allows the Cowboys, if they so desire, to essentially build an entire game plan around finding creative ways to use him and terrorize defenses. Now, the only question has been his ability to heal that left leg that was broken when Dave Tollefson rolled up on him when the Giants visited back in December. Then, the question would shift to: Will he be able to shoulder the workload of being a 20-touch a game guy in the NFL with his style of give and receive punishment over the long term.

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    His comment that the last 20 or so guys to make the roster that are under 280 lbs better help on special teams and especially be able to cover kicks.
    Some here forget this
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    Very nice info. I really believe the line is coming together slowly but surely. I'm more concerned about the health of the skill players on offense.

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