News: FSSW: Tony Romo says he is back at 100 percent

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    Published: Sunday, August 25, 2013, 1:36am

    Following Saturday night's 24-18 preseason win over the Cincinnati Bengals, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback said he's back to being completely healthy.

    "Yeah, we're good to go," Romo said. "I'm 100 percent."

    During the offseason, Romo works on improving his game by adding new skills to his arsenal. Despite the minor back procedure, Romo said he has tried to do the same this year.

    "I think a lot of it just through my own technique sometimes is something that I really need the offseason every year," Romo said. "Situational football. You've got to practice football. You've got to be playing football. But you can always improve yourself technically and fundamentally on your own, and one thing I take pride in is always doing something like that in the offseason.

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