Fsu Vs. Miami

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Gunter504, Sep 10, 2004.

  1. Gunter504

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    Just curious..anyone watching miami and fsu right now? i live in gainesville and go to uf. big time gators fan. but i still love watching other fla teams battle it out!
  2. Roughneck

    Roughneck Active Member

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    If Miami wins, they will have won 6 straight over FSU.


  3. boysfanindc

    boysfanindc Well-Known Member

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    florida state is the faster team, they will win.
  4. DStely8

    DStely8 Member

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    im watching i hate miami mainly b/c of winslow so i hope fsu wins
  5. Bizwah

    Bizwah Well-Known Member

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    I've been impressed with Frank Gore.

    He seems to be bigger and quicker than last year.

    He's averaging 5 yards a carry against a tough defense.

    It's a shame he has had two knee surgeries. I hope he's able to have a good career.
  6. RatisBeast

    RatisBeast Chevy Guy

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    Let's go FSU, Please let's get the monkey off our back.
  7. KaiserSoze

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    I thought that the Gore guy from Miami was still hurt.

    He is playing well.
  8. RatisBeast

    RatisBeast Chevy Guy

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    Rolle is a beast, we need to get him here somehow..... :mad:
  9. DStely8

    DStely8 Member

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    wasn't rolle supposed to be suspended?
  10. RatisBeast

    RatisBeast Chevy Guy

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    not sure, but the guy can flat out play. He looks like a dang safety playing cb.
  11. jacs

    jacs I'd Hit It

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    there wont be any wide kicks this year, it will be a short one :D
  12. RatisBeast

    RatisBeast Chevy Guy

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    i hope your're wrong...... :mad:
  13. slick325

    slick325 Well-Known Member

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    I love Rolle's game too. Good observation, he does look bigger than he did last season. He must have worked hard in the weightroom this spring and summer. Hope he matures and stays out of legal troubles.
  14. RatisBeast

    RatisBeast Chevy Guy

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    FSU lost, I had the feeling all along. As long Rix is there, we'll be nothing. I really can't wait till he leaves. We killed ourselves out there, I just can't stand Miami. (Yankees of college football) But oh well, hats off to them, they simply performed in a clutch situation, too bad i can't say the same for my seminoles. Or more importantlly Chris Rix (I'm glad he's leaving).
  15. Kangaroo

    Kangaroo Active Member

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    Berlin look awful and threw some balls early because he felt pressure when there was no pressure

    The wr dropped some on him but it looks like they do not trust him

    Rix is worse man both teams need to bench those guys
  16. Fla Cowpoke

    Fla Cowpoke Well-Known Member

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    As a Canes fan, I can say I don't think very much of Berlin but he made the plays at the end. Oh, and Rix choked like a dog again.

    Frank Gore is unreal, two torn acl's but looks like he is 100% in less than a year after his injury. I was there at the West Virginia game last year when he blew it out. That was another comeback win for the Canes that shouldn't have been.

    I'd love to see Rolle on this team, but he isn't going to last long in the draft. Maybe Buffalo's pick? :D
  17. Sarge

    Sarge Red, White and brew... Staff Member

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    You're right - Rix is awful. FSU won't be able to move on until he has, IMO.
  18. MichaelWinicki

    MichaelWinicki "You want some?" Staff Member

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    Morning Sarge.
  19. mbanx

    mbanx New Member

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    I am not a big FSU or Miami fan but this is what I thought. With how poorly Rix was playing why was Bowden still trying to through the ball? Especially at the end when there was a 1:30 left on third down he tried to throw which was incomplete and took no time off the clock and did not force Miami to use a timeout. Game might have turned out the same but in that situation you have to take time off and force a TO. As far as FSU goes I would find a way to get BB out as coach as gracefully as possible and sure as hell bench Rix, NOW! As far as Miami goes there not much better Coker should be on the hot seat and Brock Berlin should be on the bench as well. With all the talent these teams get I thought the playcalling was poor but that might have been just how poor the QBs were playing.
  20. dbair1967

    dbair1967 Arch Defender

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    watched the game, cant say I was impressed with either teams offense...one could argue it was great defese, but both teams missed stuff that was clearly there because of poor QB and OL play...

    at least FSU didnt lose because of wide left or wide right...this time it was blocked

    I dont think either of these teams is any threat to win the national championship


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