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Full 7 rd mock 255 picks by me

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by LatinMind, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. LatinMind

    LatinMind iPhotoshop

    11,816 Messages
    4,383 Likes Received
    i know this isnt for everybody, and alot of people will have opinions. oh well, have fun with it, and dont take it too serious.

    round 1
    1.Raiders - Jamarcus Russell qb LSU
    2.Lions - Gaines Adams de Clemson
    3.Browns - Adrian Peterson rb Oklahoma
    4.Bucs - Calvin Johnson wr Georgia Tech
    5.Cardinals - Joe Thomas t Wisconsin
    6.Redskins - Amobi Okoye dt Louisville
    7.Vikins - Bradie Quinn qb Notre Dame
    8.Falcons - Jamaal Anderson de Arkansas
    9.Miami - Levi Brown t Penn State
    10.Texans - Laron Landry s LSU
    11.Niners - Patrick Willis lb Ole Miss
    12.Bills - Leon Hall cb Michigan
    13.Rams - Adam Carriker de Nebraska
    14.Panthers - Greg Olsen te Miami
    15.Steelers - Darelle Revis cb Pitt
    16.Packers - Marshawn Lynch rb Cal
    17.Jaguars - Reggie Nelson s Florida
    18.Bengals - Alan Branch dt Michigan
    19.Titans - Ted Ginn Jr wr Ohio State
    20.Giants - Paul Posluzsny lb Penn State
    21.Broncos - Jarvis Moss de Florida
    23.Cheifs - Dwayne Bowe wr LSU
    24.Patriots - Brandon Merriweather s Miami
    25.Jets - Chris Houston cb Arkansas
    26.Eagles - Aaron Ross cb Texas
    27.Saints - Lawrence Timmons lb Florida State
    28.Patriots - Joe Staley t Central Michigan
    29.Ravens - Anthony Spencer de/olb Purdue
    30.Chargers - Dwayne Jarrett wr USC
    31.Bears - Justin Harrell dt Tennessee
    32.Colts - Jon Beason lb Miami

    round 2

    33.raiders - justin blalock g texas
    34.lions - michael griffin s texas
    35.bucs - charles johnson de georgia
    36.browns - marcus mccauley cb fresno state
    37.bears - sidney rice wr south carolina
    38.cardinals - ben grubbs g auburn
    39.falcons - tony ugoh t arkansas
    40.dolphins - drew stanton qb michigan state
    41.vikings - anthony gonzalez wr ohio state
    42.niners - steve smith wr usc
    43.buffalo - trade with dallas for julius jones
    44.falcons - eric weddle s utah
    45.panthers - tim crowder de texas
    46.steelers - aaron sears g tennessee
    47.packers - zach miller te arizona state
    48.jaguars - trent edwards qb stanford
    49.bengals - ray mcdonald de florida
    50.titans - antonio pittman rb ohio state
    51.giants - josh wilson cb maryland
    52.rams - david harris lb michigan
    54.cheifs - tank tyler dt north carolina state
    55.seahawks - quentin moses de georgia
    56.broncos - craig davis wr LSU
    57.eagles - brian leonard rb rutgers
    58.saints - tanard jackson cb syracuse
    59.jets - justin durant lb hampton
    60.miami - jonathon wade cb tennessee
    61.ravens - ryan kalil c usc
    62.chargers - daymeion hughes cb cal
    63.jets - ikaika alma-francis de/olb hawaii
    64.bucs - turk mcbride dt tennessee

    round 3

    65.raiders - doug free t northern illinois
    66.lions - stewart bradley lb nebraska
    67.browns - lorenzo booker rb florida state
    68.bucs - james marten t boston college
    69.cardinals - stephen nicholas lb florida state
    70.broncos - tim shaw lb penn state
    71.dolphins - andrae allison wr east carolina
    72.vikings - kenny irons rb auburn
    73.texans - usama young - cb kent state
    74.bills - buster davis lb florida state
    75.falcons - jacoby jones wr lane
    76.niners - paul soliai nt utah
    77.steelers - victor abiamiri de/olb notre dame
    78.packers - brandon mebane dt cal
    79.jaguars - fred bennett cb south carolina
    80.titans - jay moore de nebraska
    81.giants - kenny irons rb auburn
    82.rams - brian robison de texas
    83.panthers - zack deossie lb brown
    84.cheifs - marshal yanda g/t iowa
    85.seahawks - paul williams wr fresno state
    86.broncos - ryan harris t notre dame
    88.saints - quin pittock dt ohio state
    89.jets - michael bush rb louisville
    90.eagles - josh gattis s wake forrest
    91.patriots - kenny scott cb georgia tech
    92.bills - tarell brown cb texas
    93.chargers - sabby piscitelli s oregon state
    94.bears - josh beekman g boston college
    95.colts - marcus thomas dt florida
    96.chargers - mason krosby k colorado
    97.niners - mario henderson t florida state
    98.colts - johnny lee higgins wr utep
    99.raiders - derek landri dt notre dame

    round 4

    100.oakland - mike walker wr central florida
    101.lions - a.j davis cb nc state
    102.bucs - brandon siler lb florida
    103.browns - troy smith qb ohio state
    104.niners - courtney taylor wr auburn
    105.cardinals - john wendling s wyoming
    106.vikings - laurent robinson wr illinois state
    107.texans - darius walker rb noptre dame
    108.dolphins - samson satele c/g hawaii
    109.falcons - anthony arline cb baylor
    110.niners - dwayne wright rb fresno state
    111.bills - rufus alexander lb oklahoma
    112.packers - brandon frye t virginia tech
    113.jaguars - deshawn wynn rb florida
    114.bengals - baraka atkins de miami
    115.titans - david irons cb auburn
    116.giants - david clowney wr virginia tech
    117.rams - keith jackson dt arkansas
    118.panthers - allen barbre t missouri southern
    119.steelers - h/b blades lb pitt
    120.seattle - andy alleman g akron
    121.falcons - michael okowo lb stanford
    123.saints - scott chandler te iowa
    124.niners - manfeild wrotto g georgia
    125.saints - dan bazuin de central michigan
    126.saints - travarious bain cb hampton
    127.patriots - jon beck qb byu
    128.titans - c.j gaddis cb clemson
    129.chargers - martrez milner te georgia
    130.bears - matt spaeth te minnesota
    131.colts - jay alford dt penn state
    132.steelers - aaron rouse s virginia
    133.falcons - brandon jackson rb nebraska
    134.ravens - kevin kolb qb houston
    135.niners - rory johnson lb mississippi
    136.colts - quincy black lb new mexico
    137.ravens - ryan mcbean dt oklahoma state

    round 5

    138.raiders - ben patrick te delaware
    139.lions - anthony waters - lb clemson
    140.browns - adam koets t oregon state
    141.bucs - earl everette lb florida
    142.cardinals - manuel ramirez g texas tech
    143.redskins - ryan smith cb florida
    144.texans - doug datish c ohio state
    145.lions - chris davis wr florida state
    146.vikings - gerald alexander s boise state
    147.niners - chase johnson t wyoming
    148.rams - courtney brown cb cal poly
    149.falcons - tony tayor lb georgia
    150.jaguars - xavier jackson de missouri
    151.bengals - michael allen te whitworth
    152.titans - nate harris lb louisville
    153.giants- kolby smith rb louisville
    154.lions - Julius Wilson t uab
    155.panthers - jon abbate lb wake forrest
    156.steelers - jacob ford de central arkansas
    157.packers - michael johnson s arizona
    158.lions - kevin boss te western oregon
    160.cheifs - chris leak qb florida
    161.seahawks - tim mixon cb cal
    162.eagles - chansi stuckey wr clemson
    163.saints - doug datish c ohio state
    164.jets - desmond bishop lb cal
    165.raiders - antwan barnes lb florida
    166.ravens - ahmad bradshaw rb marhsall
    167.chargers - dan santucci g notre dame
    168.bears - deandre jackson cb iowa state
    170.steelers - ola dagunduro dt nebraska
    171.patriots - chris denman t fresno state
    172.chargers - chase pittman de lsu
    173.colts - chris henry rb arizona
    174.ravens - isiah stanback qb washinton

    round 6

    175.raiders - darius walker rb notre dame
    176.broncos - dan sepulveda p baylor
    177.jets - dante rosario te oregon
    178.browns - john cornish rb kansas
    179.redskins - cameron stephenson g rutgers
    180.patiots - kelvin smith lb syracuse
    181.dolphins - tyron moss rb miami
    182.vikings - steve breaston wr michigan
    183.texans - dane uperesa t hawaii
    184.bills - jarrett hicks wr texas tech
    185.falcons - justin medlock k usla
    186.niners - rhema mcknight wr notre dame
    187.bengals - d;juan woods wr oklahoma state
    188.titans - dashon goldson s washington
    189.giants - ken darby rb alabama
    190.rams - jared zebranksy qb boise state
    191.panthers - joel filini wr texas tech
    192.steelers - tyler palko qb pitt
    193.packers - jeremy clark dt alabama
    194.jaguars - adam podlesh p mryland
    196.cheifs - brent curvy te iowa
    197.seahawks - garrett wolfe rb northern illinois
    198.broncos - corey grahm cb new hampshire
    199.saints - jurmon bushrod t towson
    201.eagles - dallas baker wrflorida
    202.patriots - selvin young rb texas
    203.ravens - jason snelling fb virginia
    204.titans - prescott burgess lb michigan
    205.redskins - justin hickman lb ucla
    206.titans - matt toeaina dt oregon
    207.ravens - ryan moore wr miami
    208.patriots - ramzee robinson cb alabama
    209.patriots - scott stephansen c iowa
    210.seattle cory anderson fb tennessee

    round 7
    211.raiders - louis leonard dt fresno state
    213.browns - james jones wr san jose state
    214.bucs - john talley cb duke
    215.cardinals - brandon harrison s stanford
    216.redskins - reggie lewis cb florida
    217.vikings - brandon myles wr west virginia
    218.texans - victor degrate de oklahoma state
    219.dolphins - juwan simpson lb oklahoma
    220.saints - derek shouman fb/te boise state
    221.bears - corey hillard t oklahoma state
    222.bills - maurice price wr charleston southern
    223.titans - syvelle newton wr south carolina
    224.giants - tim duckworth g auburn
    225.rams - jamelle cornelius wr florida
    226.panthers - herbert taylor t tcu
    227.steelers - jackie battle fb houston
    228.packers - michael coe cb alabama state
    229.jaguars - dallas sartz lb usc
    230.bengals - sam olajubutu lb oklahoma
    231.cheifs - noland burchette de virginia
    232.seahawks - anthony pudewell te nevada
    233.broncso - craig dahl s nd state
    235.packers - nick leeson ls virginia tech
    236.eagles - matt moore qb oregon state
    238.dolphins - alonzo coleman rb hampton
    239.bills - zach diles lb kansas state
    240.chargers - joe cohen de florida
    241.bears - ronnie mcgill rb north carolina
    242.colts - jeff rowe qb nevada
    243.packers - mike jones g iowa
    244.falcons - antonio johnson dt mississippi state
    245.bucs - gabe hall t texas tech
    246.bucs - gijon robinson te missouri
    247.patriots - clifton dawson rb harvard
    248.rams - edgar jones de se missouri
    249.rams - brandon myles wr west virginia
    250.giants - joe anoai dt georgia tech
    251.jaguars - justin rascati qb james madison
    252.jaguars - kasey studdard g texas
    253.bengals - john stocco qb wisconsin
    254.raiders - nate ilaoa hb hawaii
    255.lions - david patterson dt ohio state
  2. dannyboy

    dannyboy Member

    366 Messages
    6 Likes Received
    how did we get a second 2nd round pick?
  3. LatinMind

    LatinMind iPhotoshop

    11,816 Messages
    4,383 Likes Received
    says right above it, traded julius. i know that wont be popular but i think he'll be traded instead of lost for nothing.
  4. phillycard

    phillycard Member

    669 Messages
    13 Likes Received
    LM. You have way too much time on your hand fam. That being said, I'm printing a copy of this to see how accurate you are. :D

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