Funny NFL Films Reference to "The Big E"- Erik Williams...

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by CaptainAmerica, Feb 17, 2006.

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    Before he was injured, it wasn't 'could have', he was equally as dominant.
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    And what bothers me is that Emmitt-bashers like to point to his all-world line to distract from Emmitt's success.

    While the Cowboys did have a great line, it wasn't like they were drafting No. 1s successive years straight. They put together a dominant line, something any other team could have done had their coaches recognized the talent and had given them the proper coaching.
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    Jacob Rogers 2nd
    Stephen Peterman 3rd
    Al Johnson 2nd
    Andre Gurode 2nd
    Torrin Tucker

    :cry2: :cry2:

    We need to bring someone back to help consult Bill with these offensive line picks.
  4. Alexander

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    I miss what mentality Erik brought to the line.

    I still have get pleasure from watching old games he had against the likes of Reggie White and William Fuller where he would literally beat them up and make them cry like females.:)
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    ...defined the term of "mauler" for offensive lineman.

    His dominance was so complete that he made the late, great, Reverend Reggie White swear on national TV on a regular basis.

    He was the first lineman I saw who went about his business with the intent of truly hurting another player and in Jurkovic's case he ended his career.

    Gogan said he learned the most about a nasty lineman mentality from Williams. Newton considered Big E as having the potential to be the greatest lineman ever. That's alot from a man who has also witnessed Allen at his prime.
  6. Mansta54

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    "Big E" is one of my ALL TIME favorite Cowboys. I loved the way he played and his attitude was nasty and awesome. He would beat his opponent down and showed no mercy at all. The guy was AWESOME....
  7. Manster68

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    Big E is on my All-Cowboy Offensive line:

    Rayfield Wright
    Larry Allen
    Tom Rafferty
    John Niland
    Erik Williams

    P.S. Too bad Ray Donaldson didn't play in his prime in Big D. One season doesn't count. He would have been perfect!
  8. MichaelWinicki

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    Watching Eric Williams beat up Reggie White on a regular basis was pure joy.
  9. Jersey

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    In my 30 years of watching ALL sports, I have never seen a HOF player dominated the way Big E did reggie white. His nasty demeanor and excellent footwork made him a one of a kind player.
    I remember me and my buddies cracking up during a MNF game vs. the Packers when Cunningham kicked 5 or 7 FG's to break the record for a game. The record breaking kick came after the game was in hand. Reggie was upset and came off their sideline pointing and yelling at our kicker (ooh, tough-guy). Then Big E see's this and comes charging out to see if Reggie wanted to share his thoughts with him. Reggie see's Big E making a b-line for him and has an immediate brownout in his girdle and turns and runs like a wuss. Me and my pals looked at each other and said "Dang he just punked him on national TV with a look! That my friends is DOMINANCE.
  10. ravidubey

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    Big E hit Ted Washington's shoulder so hard once that Washington's leg broke. It took a car crash at 85 mph to slow that man down, and even still he was better than average through the next four years of his career.
  11. Juke99

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    My favorite offensive lineman of all time...prototypical of what you want both in size and attitude..

    His battles with Reggie White were awesome also
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    Big E also perfected the head butt. Nobody wanted to get close to him because he would square his shoulders and launch his head at the DE's head. Michael Irvin said he was the best player in the entire NFL. I can't imagine what a line of LA in his prime and Big E before the accident would have been like. Throw in Nate Newton and no line in the history of the NFL has ever had that much talent.
  13. Vertigo_17

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    EW is the definition of a true warrior...laid it all on the line.
  14. Manster68

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    As much as I am cheering for Rob Petitti's success, I sure wouldn't mind a 1992 version of Erik Williams right about now.

    I know that is not possible though.
  15. Mansta54

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    I love reading all the stories about Big E. He's my favorite Cowboy linemen ever and he and Irvin are my 2 ALL TIME favorite Cowboys, oh yeah, along with Dorsett.....
  16. The Curly One

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    Eric Williams was the most dominant lineman I have ever seen. I remember seeing him club one guy down face first in the ground and go after another guy right behind him. He was evil and had no mercy. He manhandled and dominated every player every play right up until his car crash. He was never the same after that. Do not even mention Eric Williams and Larry Allen in the same breath they are not even close to the same and never have been.
    I loved how Eric Williams got pissed off if anyone hit Troy Aikman and would literally go after them every play after that. You did not mess with his QB.
    Big E was the best I have ever seen, right now nobody would even take Larry Allen and there is not one single team he would start for other than the Cowboys who have one of the worst lines in the league. Does that tell you anything? Four years ago the best we could get for LA was a 4th round pick and his stock is still dropping.
    I really can not think of one single offensive lineman that dominated like Eric Williams. There have been many good solid players that protected the QB but none that I know of that beat the crap out of the opponents like that. Curly
  17. tyke1doe

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    I find your favorite Cowboys interesting, considering you've chosen another Cowboy great as your Internet handle. Or am I wrong?
  18. Manster68

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    I know you were referring to the other Manster, but there have been so many great players on this team over the decades that there are probably many favorites.

    Big E was one of my favorites also. If it wasn't for his accident, he would have been a Hall of Famer. That was his own fault though.

    Come to think of it, I am surprised that Jerry Jones didn't try to take back some of Big E's salary after the accident. You know, the same way the Browns took back some of Kellen Winslow's.

    Both accidents were due to negligence, right? Am I wrong?
  19. Jon88

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    So Big E was leaving a club drunk and then got into the accident? If so he definitely should've had his pay cut.
  20. Fmart322

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    This was a great thread to read. Thanks.


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