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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TheEnigma, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. TheEnigma

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    I am thinking more and more that we are going to address FS in the draft. In fact, I believe the three positions that we aren't going to fill before the draft are FS, OLB, and a back up at DT.

    With this in mind, are there any future Ed Reed's in the upcoming draft?
  2. silver

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    what about trading our 1st pick to Baltimore for Ed Reed?
  3. Zimmy Lives

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    I don't know about the future Ed reed but...

    Player Profile
    Ko Simpson

    School: South Carolina Position: Safety Class: 2006 Height: 6'2" Weight: 180lbs Birthday: 11/9/83 40 Time: 4.52 (estimated)

    - Ko is a fantastic athlete with great cover speed for a safety. He has great instincts and ball-hawking ability. He will make interceptions and is a threat to take it to the house every time he touches the ball. He recorded 6 picks as a freshmen which helped him earn SEC Freshmen of the year honors along with Freshmen All-American honors. He possesses good size and a solid frame. Can come up and make tackles if called upon, evidenced by his 103 his sophomore year. Takes good pursuit angles after the ball. His coordination, fluid hips, balance, and agility make him an intriguing prospect.


    - Experience is the main weakness for Ko, he only played 2 years of college football before declaring early. Also, he is already 22 years old so he is older for being such an inexperienced prospect. Not a very physical tackler and that needs to be improved upon. Not the best straight-line speed, but has enough quickness to make up for it. Needs to show more leadership ability.

    Overall Analysis

    - Ko is an intriguing prospect who has the ability to be the top Free Safety chosen in April's draft. He is a well-rounded prospect who does not need work in too many areas, but has great upside. The fact he only played 2 years of college ball might hurt him, but once teams see his athletic ability it probably won't matter too much. The kid could have a long NFL future ahead of him, especially if he gets in the right defensive system. Considering his ability to make plays on the ball he might make a few trips to Hawaii before he is done.

    Compliments of nfldrfatblitz.com

  4. Justis

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    definatly worth a 2nd round pick.
  5. Galian Beast

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    Micheal Huff?

    But I don't see us signing a safety in round 1. It'll be late first day, early second.

    As for Defensive tackle..., I really don't know whats out there.

    I can see us getting Manny Lawson in the first round though. I still think we want to sign a tackle early as well.
  6. austintodallas

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    Michael Huff...but he'll be long gone.
  7. Galian Beast

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    We aren't going to get him for a 2nd round pick. We're like the 50th pick in the draft.
  8. neosapien23

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    The think I don't like about Huff is how everyone is making a big deal out of his forty time. He ran a 4.34 which is more like a 4.4 or 4.45 on a real surface. There are too many fast 40 times out there for this to be a coincidence.
  9. ThreeSportStar80

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    I'm not impressed with Ko Simpson, give me Jimmy Williams out of Virginia Tech, he has real good coverage skills and hits like a LB not mention he plays both FS and CB.
  10. bobbie brewskie

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    Coleman For insurance

    and FS will be addressed in the 2nd unless Michael Huff takes a miraculous fall.

    as for DT all i know is Ngata is a top 10 prospect and probably not budging. and from there i think it just jumps into the early 2nd round, so if we take a DT it will be on day 2 probably :/
  11. sporadic

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    I would love to have Huff as a saftey. I like the thought of him being able to play corner if injuries arose. It would have made a difference last year.
  12. texastwister

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    I heard Huff wanted to play corner with his 40 time and hip movement. He is looking to cash in.
  13. bobbie brewskie

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    we could tell him that there is a super bowl ring in store for him if he signs with the cowboys, a little bribery? tell everybody he tore is achilles tendon? hows that sound!
  14. blindzebra

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    I wouldn't be at all surprised if we let Beriault, Davis and Pile battle it out and then see what's out there after the June cuts.

    FS is not a more pressing need than OLB, back up NT, depth on the OL, or youth at WR.

    AMERICAS_FAN Active Member

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    I think Dallas had targeted Chaveus (sp?) who ended up going to Minnessota (I think) for much more than the Boys had valued him at. This contract effectively drove Dallas out of the free agent free-safety market.

    I think Dallas is prepared to go into the draft and get a free-safety only if one to thir liking is avialable when they pick. Otherwise I think Dallas is getting prepared to go into the season with Keith Davis at FS and Barriault (sp?) as the backup.

  16. Champsheart

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    Actually there are a lot of good to great FS prospects in this draft.

    I think this was the plan all along.

    Round 1 or 2 look for guys like -

    Jimmy Williams - VT
    M. Huff - TX
    KO Simpson - SC
    D Slay - TX TCH
    D. Bullocks - NEB
    D. Whitner - OH ST
    J. Allen - TEN
    P. Watkins - FL ST.

    This was in no order, but all could be really good picks. FS is really deep in this draft IMO.
  17. DLCassidy

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    If we don't sign a FS we'd be drafting a FS to start, not develop. If that's the case the guy I like is Donte Whitner, OSU. We could trade down to late 1st to get him, which I think we'd like to do and he's not a dunce like Simpson.
  18. TheEnigma

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    I'd really like to pick up a linebacker with the first, what good Free Safeties should be available with our second pick?
  19. dbair1967

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    no way...we already have a ton of money invested back there and have Roy's contract to extend soon

    and for all the Ed Reed hype that goes on, how many plays did he make last yr? anyone...anyone?

    its called overkill

  20. dbair1967

    dbair1967 Arch Defender

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    Slay will probably be a late rd pick at best...pretty slow...sounds like Jimmy Williams is really falling too, maybe well into the 2nd rd...

    give me Whitner or Simpson, especially if either could be had where we pick in round 2


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