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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Dec 12, 2013.

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    Gotta address the DL, Will, and S positions. I don't think the problem is any more significant than that. Jerry's part of the issue, but he's not the heart of it right now, and he's not going to change, so it's pointless to keep coming back to him. We'd be better off just not following the team so closely if it's hopeless to do anything unless Jerry changes or is out of the picture.
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    Maybe but they had that game. mental error gave it away and that error? Romo INT in the endzone to ice the game.
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    You have basically indicted your entire deification of Jerry with this paragraph. Asking anyone to "infuse their will" (I'm assuming you meant impose their will) on players while not giving that person the power to enforce that request/demand is futility in and of itself. Asking if Belichek, Harbaugh, Gruden, Lovie or Reid couldn't win with this team is disingenuous since Jerry would absolutely not come close to hiring someone who would demand the power to control the roster and coaching staff.

    Could these guys win with this roster? Of course they could if they had the same power here that they have now. The power to hire and fire. Without that basic power, all these guys would simply be Opie with a different face attached. I do not believe any of those coaches (who do have that power) would come into this situation without that power being given. Which is another way of saying they would not come here at all because Jerry's ego could never stand anyone other than himself having any decision making power whatsoever.

    In an environment where one man makes all the decisions (regardless of how many alcoholic "drinking buddies" influence that decision), nothing can change until there is a change in that one man.

    Monte Sliger
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    Well plenty of people remember that as Romo blowing it but there were 4 other drives in the second half that netted only 3 points and a team less familiar with the Cowboys may not have been able to keep it that close. I just remember thinking the Giants were to good to let a division rival beat them 3 times in the same season. What better way to pay back getting swept than knock the other team outta the playoffs?
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    That has to be one of the stupidest statements ever posted on this board. Romo actually won that game twice! Does Romo's pass bouncing off of Fasano's facemask while two yards deep in the end zone ring a bell? How about the play before the INT? Romo lofting a perfect pass to Crayton just as Crayton stopped his route after blowing by the defender at the 15 yard line? Had Crayton kept running, that pass would have hit hom five yards into the end zone in perfect stride. Of course, after Crayton's drop in the third quarter, who knows if he would have caught it.

    Of course, everyone (and by that I mean you) realizes Romo screwed up by not catching the ball for these players. I mean, that is what a great quarterback does - right?

    Lord, save us from idiotic fans!!! Please!!!

    Monte Sliger
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    Got me to thinking and thats the only time the Giants and Cowboys have ever met in the playoffs according to answers.com.
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    Huh? Uh. No.
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    Thank you. I t really makes you wonder if some people even watch the games. The penalties were incredibly lopsided that game as well. A bogus grounding on Romo was huge and the league later admitted that it was incorrect. A lot of good that did us. Those drops you mentioned were the difference in the game. Romo threw some great, clutch passes in that game and big-mouth Crayton saw to it that they would end up as incompletions.
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    If you’re going to blame the coaches (and I’m not saying they don’t deserve blame) then ask yourself, who hired the coaches?

    Whose pet project was Garrett?

    It all stems from the top in every organization and it’s no different in Dallas.
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    If Jerry isn't going anywhere at least he should figure out that Lacewell's advice isn't working.
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    If he hasn't by now, will he ever?
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    Thank you.

    The post would have more solid point if Jerry was just an owner. But we all know he has multiple rules including operations, which automatically qualifies him as a problem along with players/coaches/et cetera.
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    Well no surprise. As usual you are wrong. Notice you forget about Crayton and of course blame romo. And say Jerruh is only a small amount of the problem.

    Frankly your post is pathetic.
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    Pretty good write up. While I don't agree with all of it I do agree strongly with your section on LB's and the safeties.
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    I usually like a lot of what you post, but this one is simply terrible.
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    Jerry is no doubt the BIGGEST problem. First of all...HE is the face of the franchise...and that is NEVER good. He puts together coaching staffs like he is some football chemsit. The structure and the culture of the organization if damaged/flawed and he is the orgin of this strucutre. He is also ADAMANT that the structure will never change. So please believe...we have MANY more years of this.

    You have to understand the MIND of a narcissit. Jerry is playing with house money in his mind. I believe there is some video out there of him down on Bourbon street chatting up fans about the 3 Super Bowls he gave us. Because he CANNOT win one today he wants to remind us he has already won 3...which is more or tied with any current owner in the NFL. So in his mind....why are we "critical of his track record" when he has accomplished more than anyone else out there.

    Lastly, he craves validation as a "football man". He thinks he will get it if/when he wins a Super Bowl. And it is very sad that he nor anyone around him cannot get him to see that IF he is every LUCKY enough to win another Super Bowl the way this organization is currently structured...it would be considered DUMB LUCK. He will NOT be given credit for it. So he will NOT change the way things are done because if he does...and we wind up winning...then he will have to acknowledge that he was wrong all these years. He has pretty much admitted that this year. In a radio interview he has done in the last month. He admitted that when he hears the critics he LOVES it...because it just motivates HIM more to show everyone he can do it. It is sick. Truly sick. And I am no longer SICK over it. I am numb!
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    What is wrong with the Cowboys can be summed up in two words: Jerry Jones...simple as that...
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    as long as jerry and Stephen jones run the cowboys there will be no future its all about money jones dontcare about winning all he cares about is making money winning is secondary
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    its a blue Christmas for all of us.
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    LOL! Yep it aint Jerry's fault the roster is full of scrubs, and his coaching hires of course are beyond reproach, not to mention some of the contracts he has handed out to unmotivated over the hill vets. How could anybody blame Jerry?

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