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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Dec 12, 2013.

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    Didnt he hire Parcells?
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    Absolutely! But you are forgetting (or more likely conveniently ignoring) the reasons WHY Jerry hired Parcells. He has admitted (in several drunken ramblings) that he only hired Bill because he was afraid if he didn't show the voters he was serious about hiring a strong head coach and making the Cowboys winners again he would not get voter's approval (and financial support, btw) for his new palace. Then he promptly went out and undermined his head coach (see Owens, Terrell) in an ego driven need to display the fact that HE was still in charge.

    And don't think I don't recognize Jerry's few (and I do mean few) good decisions. Deciding to override Bill on the drafting of Ware before Spears is one example of his good decisions. The problem is his good decisions are so overwhelmed by his bad (and mostly ego driven) decisions that they are insignificant.

    The most flabbergasting thing to me is how Jerry has been able to convince many people (even some of the people who hate what he has done to this team) believe he really wants to win more than anything else in the world. Wrong!!! He wants to win doing it HIS WAY. If it comes to a choice between losing doing it HIS WAY or winning doing it another way, he will choose losing every time.

    Monte Sliger
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    Latin, your spiel about Church playing out of position at FS - I and several other posters have said the same thing. It seams almost a natural fit for him sizewise, and his skillset, big, good tackler, plays better closer to the line. Not gret speed or range, plays LBer in the dime - it's wierd that no-one (repporters etc) comment on his apparent misuse. We all agree he should be a purfect SS. So what are we missing ? The fact that they don't trust anyone else as the last line of defence ? But Church does not seem to have the speed of a FS. Its very puzzleing that we all see it but the coach's dont. Anybody hear why they are doing this ? Cause it seems like a given he should be our SS going forward.
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    Yes, because, as he put it, "I hired him to get this *********** stadium built."

    I'm sorry, but anyone who doesn't put the lion's share of the blame on Jerry Jones is either a fool or just plain fooling themselves.
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    Funny how your lecture at the beginning of the season was hope. When some suggested this was the coming results, you went to any length to correct that point of view.

    But don't feel bad about it now. There are a great number of people on this site that ignore truth.

    My position is you still hang on to hope that Jerry isn't calling all the shots.

    And next season you will be right back to what you were espousing at the beginning of this season,.

    I look forward to game day, just as you do. I just don't delude myself that roses grow out of bull manure.
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    This is a tremendous post.

    Jerry before the Cowboys. It's always been that way. This is why he was "miserable" during the dynasty. His description. What win at all costs owner would feel that way?
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    I know what they are but i knew what the ravens were before something just clicked for them at the end of the season. And what the giants were the season before. In todays NFL you dont have to be the best team in the nfl to win the superbowl. Im not saying that the Cowboys will win the superbowl or even that they will even make the playoffs. But i wont ever give up on them until theyre out of it.

    The main point of the post wasnt even to focus on Jones or Romo but i know like every thread in this forum there are certain people who will take every thread to Jerry and Romo. Thats their sole purpose to being here.

    I dont think jerry calls all the shots. The guy has people he pays giving him info. Jerry and the Cowboys have put together teams that shouldve been the superbowl, as ive pointed out in 2007 and 2009. But the players failed in the playoffs. Not Jerry.

    IMO there are 5 points this team needs to focus on the next couple yrs.

    Reduce your cap, which does actully mean sending Romo, Ware and probably Carr on their way at some point.
    Fix the DL a DT and DE should be the minimum they should add this offseason
    Add a FS
    Change coaches or make an adjustment to the system that take advantage of what the players they have can do.
    Build your depth, with new faces and the back end of the draft. And in Dallas case UDFA because theyve had alot of success there

    Its obvious this isnt going to be a easy couple yr but it is what it is.
  8. TwoDeep3

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    This is part and parcel of the usual reply. Let's throw up a strawman and knock it down.

    There have been no telling how many articles quoting people from Jimmy to Brandt to Switzer, to Lacewell and others that state emphatically Jerry listens to all voices, then makes the decision.

    Jerry has said that himself more than I can count.

    However, there are so many that read those words and somehow come away with the idea they mean something else.

    Jerry is at the center of the plan making and for over a decade the results have been mediocre.

    Some here say it loudly, then they are categorized and their analysis is ignored, even when it comes to fruition.

    This plays out every year on this board, and still the labeling flies.
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    tried to read....but op doesnt understand caps and how to maneuver with it, so i tl;dr'd

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