Future Salary Cap Hell (or not)

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by xwalker, Feb 13, 2013.

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    The one thing I've learned about the cap is media and fans really don't know anything. Lol. Except for adam ofcourse. I pay attention to him and stephen jones. If they are not worried then I'm not worried.
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    Seconded. He's a great poster.
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    That is pointless. The guaranteed money will change drastically once they extend Romo and Carr. Much less anyone else.

    You are basically ignoring 30m and acting like you have a great point to make here.

    I generally find what you post useful and on point but this is just childs play.

    Dallas has to worry about this cap for 2013. How they deal with it will largely dictate any potential cap issues down the road. If they are as quick to restructure everyone as the fan base of course they'll have cap issues.

    As to the knuckleheads on this forum, claiming money is never an issue... they are clearly delusional. We have went multiple season stretches signing nothing but spares and bought cheap players instead of marquee names because we do in fact have a salary cap.

    Anyone who thinks we'd have the same team minus a salary cap as we do with one can argue money cap money doesn't matter. Otherwise they don't even believe the garbage they are spewing themselves.
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    Stephen is on record many times saying the cap is an issue this year. He referenced it again yesterday with regards to having to get a deal done with Romo because it.

    It isn't like the Cowboys are going to fold the team.

    But they are certainly limited in their free agent pursuits and have to make tough calls based upon cap dollars.
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    BTW, virtually every team has a cap problem when they lose their franchise QB to retirement or release.

    It makes sense for Dallas to push cap hell into that season much like the Colts did.
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    I stated in the original post that some contracts would radically change after restructuring and affect the 2014 cap.

    The point was that there is room to move 2013 money into 2014 and beyond because there is not that much committed there currently.
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    And again, you really do not have much of a point. It is the money shifted to those years that will add up not the few expiring dollars left on old contracts.

    The better way to look at this is total committed dollars in those seasons. Not guaranteed but committed.

    For 2014 Dallas is already well over 80M committed. We KNOW they'll push more money into 2014 with Romo/Ware AT LEAST. That's minus ANY free agents or rookies.

    Yea, they can cut many of those guys for small cap hits but when you have to cut because of the cap that is the definition of cap issues.

    How much will Sean Lee cost us next year? Dallas has a lot of money owed and it does mean needing to get bargains as often as possible.

    IF you have 19 players signed and spend 2/3 of your cap you aren't in good shape AT ALL. That's 40 minimum wage players to fill out a dang roster. But when you have guys with bases over 10m this stuff adds up fast.
  8. xwalker

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    They can eliminate $32,150,000.00 without the following players in 2014:

    (these are just base salaries and are completely off the books if cut)

    $5,500,000.00 Miles Austin
    $3,500,000.00 Orlando Scandrick
    $8,000,000.00 Doug Free
    $5,500,000.00 Jay Ratliff
    $2,250,000.00 Mackenzy Bernadeau
    $3,400,000.00 Nate Livings
    $4,000,000.00 Gerald Sensabaugh
  9. jterrell

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    Of course they can. Are you suggesting the replacements for those guys come for free?

    That's 6 starters and our nickel CB as of right this second.
    Cutting them is/would be a cap move.

    There is a middle ground where reality is.

    Dallas isn't going to cut Tony Romo and start Mike Kafka to make it under the cap and they aren't going to just sign the guys they'd like to.

    They'll do what they have for the past few season and try to get by with some young guys who are unproven and add some cheap free agents like Brodney Pool, Bern, Livings.

    They are very unlikely to go get a Brandon Carr type this off-season because that would put tremendous pressure on them going forward.

    End of the day the guaranteed money thing was found misleading. We know they are going to guarantee at least 30m and possibly as much as 90m(Carr, Romo, Ware, Spencer, Miles et al) this off-season.
  10. xwalker

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    I don't know where you're coming up with 90M.

    They will take about 12M of Carr's 2013 base and convert it into a restructure bonus which will be spread out over 4 years. That is 3M added to 2014.

    Estimated restructure additions to 2014:

    Carr: 3M
    Ware: 2M
    Austin: 1.5M
    Witten: 1M
    Spencer: Doubtful to be re-signed
    Romo: ? New Contract
  11. Hoofbite

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    How is Carr slotted for 3M when he has SBs of 2M attributable for the years of 2014, 2015, 2016?
  12. jterrell

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    What I stated wasn't hard to understand was it?
    Add at least 30m as much as 90m guaranteed?

    Romo--at least 25m guaranteed.
    Carr--at least 10m additional guarantee.
    Spencer--(IF they get him back it's with ~20m guaranteed)
    Witten et al 3-4m each.

    I am talking total guaranteed money not 2014 cap hits.
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    That was an example of what Brandon Carr's new signing bonus pro-ration would be following his upcoming restructure, not his total cap number.

    Carr is currently shown with a $16.3M cap number ($14.3M base salary, $2M signing bonus) in 2013.

    The base salary is already guaranteed because the team intended all along to convert into a second signing bonus to help with the salary cap.

    I don't know if Carr's salary will drop to the veteran's minimum or a slightly higher number.

    As an example, if it is dropped to $1.2M, the remaining 13.1M will convert to another signing bonus and pro-rate over the next five years (2.62M per yr).

    Add Carr's base salary ($1.2M), old signing bonus ($2M) and new signing bonus ($2.62M) to get his new cap number, $5.82M.

    This example would save Dallas $10.48M against the cap in 2013.
  14. Bluefin

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    There are only 18 players currently under contract in 2015.

    There are only 9 players currently under contract in 2016.

    And there are only 3 players currently under contract in 2017.

    Dallas will extend Tony Romo in the near future and others will follow down the line.

    So money will be added.

    But the team is going to get rid of a few bad contracts every year, too.

    Doug Free's contract is 7th ($43.2M) on the team in total value and his head is on the chopping block.

    Jay Ratliff's is 6th ($48.6M) and he may only last another year or two.

    Miles Austin's is 3rd ($54.1M) and this could be his last year.

    Gerald Sensabaugh's is 9th (25M) and he may only last one more year.

    Marcus Spears' is 10th ($19.2M) and I expect him to get cut soon.

    Nate Livings' is 11th ($18.7M) and Mackenzy Bernadeau's is 16th ($11.5M), both can be tossed in 2014 or anytime thereafter.

    It balances out.

    Romo will get $35M guaranteed (a combination of signing bonus and base salaries) or thereabouts in his extension and end up with an estimated 2013 cap number around $8 to $10M.

    The 2013 base salaries of Free ($7M), Dan Connor ($3M), Marcus Spears ($2M), and Lawrence Vickers ($1.2M) equal $13.2M in real dollars Jerry Jones can instead invest in his quarterback and other players.

    In 2014, it will be some combination of Austin ($5.5M), Livings ($3.4M), Bernadeau ($2.25M), Ratliff ($5.5M) and Sensabaugh ($4M) while also saving another $11M on Free and Spears.

    That's up to $31.65M in real money that can be used elsewhere.

    Rinse and repeat in 2015.
  15. T-RO

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    When have Stephen or Jerry EVER admitted a salary cap problem or a personnel problem during the offseason!?!?!?

    Answer: Not ONCE.
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    The bases for the future cap hell is due to the players we will have to resign. Say we resign Romo and Spencer. We are going to have to resign Claiborne, Dez, Lee, Carter, T. Smith... These are gonna be pretty big contracts to go along with all the dead money we will be carrying.
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    The bottom line is that Jerry treats the salary cap like many people treat their own finances, poorly. Every year this team is tied down by bad contracts like Free and Rat and it hurts the team to cut them due to dead money. Dallas is always one of the leagues higher spenders under the cap and they don't get the return their money. Is there ever going to be a year when the cap does not hold the team back? Sure, other teams face the same salary cap. They just manage it better.

    Reworking these contracts can only go so far. Sooner or later the guaranteed contracts hsve to be honored and the money paid. I remember Jerry saying a few months ago that Dallas was one of the highest spending teams in the league and that he wasn't getting his money worth. If he wascreally upset about it, then he might consider rethinking some of these bad contracts.

    In a couple of years players such as Lee, Carter, Dez and Tyron are going to want to get paid. Better salary cap management would make these signings possible.

    Unlike some fans, I don't think Stephen is some salary cap guru. I think some outside help could be used in salary cap management.
  18. Wood

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    Actually Ware and Austin (if restructured) will be biggest risk of dead money hit when they stop playing for Dallas. I would rather do what it takes just to get even for this year and then make moderate FA moves next year. They have to have a really really good draft to help get out of this mess.
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    Has it ever stopped them from doing what they wanted?
  20. Hoofbite

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    Not sure we're talking the same thing.

    The OP is talking about the cap charge for cutting those players.

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