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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by FuzzyLumpkins, Sep 9, 2013.

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    We couldn't run right. We could stretch or otherwise run off the left side. We couldn't do that the other way. Free wasn't overmatching guys in the run and Bernadeau was getting overmatched. Hanna and Escobar were underwhelming although I will say I thought Escobar played better. Witten did his stuff inline on the leftside. All in all the strongside was pretty damn weak.

    You could tell the Giants did not respect Bernadeau. They doubled off of him, knocked him back, put speed guys on him and otherwise attacked him all night long. Our line played well over all but when the Giants had there success most if happened on Bernadeau. Stunt off him to topple Free and crush Romo. Justin Tuck blowing by him. Linval Joseph giving him the David Arkin treatment straight back.

    It's interesting to watch an NFL game after the offseason. It's a different game when all the guys are the world's best and they all really give a damn. They run all out and hit. In this environment some guys show that they do not belong. Phillip Tanner does not seem to belong out there. He cannot run at that speed and he cannot take those hits. Certainly not at the RB position.

    I don't think he is going to be able to help much this year. This sucks but the Giants have a guy just like him AND they used the 32nd pick on the draft on theirs. Throw in how our 31st overall selection is doing and things are definitely looking up.

    It does not seem that they trust Randle just yet. The way Romo got tagged after Murray got a DE with a free run at him, I can understand their reluctance. Dare I say we miss Felix Jones?

    Romo is a man. Yes he was not overly accurate especially early on. But that interception was not his fault. He went back to Terrence. You cannot argue that completion percentage or him finding Jason Witten twice in the endzone. Then of course he was smashed and beaten unto injury, came back anyway and we won. MAN

    I'm not worried about Dez Bryant. After watching him beat up a Gatorade table in obvious frustration, I am looking forward to what he is about to do to Kansas City. Please let us see Flowers Island.

    I will not feel good about Miles Austin until week 6.

    If he signs another contract with the Cowboys, I am buying a Dwayne Harris jersey. Not worrying my day with special teams is worth a lot. He didn't do jack on offense. The league has decided there will be no kick returns but Mr. Harris has more Mr. Gant in him than he does Mr. Wilson. Who wouldn't wear the Shark's jersey? I would.

    Our defensive line was thin and it showed. Selvie can beat one on one matchups like Hatcher can with pass protection moving towards #94. They cannot, however, play 50 snaps a game. By the third quarter, they were having to sell out on the run in short yardage to clog up the center. Manning, Cruz, Nicks, and Randle abused my soon to be whipping boys.

    Before I start the whipping though I must say that Brandon Carr was our best defender today. He made them throw the other way for the majority of the game. He gave up a few plays but at the end of the game when they attacked him, who was it that sealed the game? Oh yeah, he looked a little something like this:


    That's right! The best defensive player, no the BEST PLAYER, wearing a star on his helmet on August 8th was a ..... cornerback. Worry not trenchers because your week 1 MVP is a big backer of Brian Waters. He's smart and can play alpha ball. It is good to be Brandon Carr.

    The rest of the defensive back 7 will now be whipped. For all of the correlating 6 turnovers does, letting the Giants WR abuse you for 3 quarters correlates almost as much. Yes we made plays but we still don't have range at safety and Lee and Carter don't make up for it enough. I couldn't see most of the backfield so I see a glimmer of hope but from where I sit, I had flashbacks to Drew Brees defiling our pass defense as he put the first of two nails into the 2012 coffin. JJ Wilcox needs to start chewing.

    I have to talk coaching now. I thought they tried to do quite a bit and some of it didn't work. They didn't have to abandon the game plan and run 3 wide with Romo in the shotgun for the second half because nothing worked. That is a big definite plus. In the name of grandstanding on single events at the end of games: going for two after Carr sealed himself as MVP was the right call. Fear not carrot haters: they had to take a timeout.

    Score 1 for Red and his staff. Let's hope that Kiffin can work more magic though. More.

    There is my semi coherent rant. It's probably poorly edited and TLDR yet onward Monday.
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    Did anyone see that one play where Bern pulled and did so very quickly to the point of I thought it was another player.

    Than I watched the replay and realized he pulled and blocked down the middle only to not hit a single player LOL. So that explained how he went so fast.
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    funny you say that


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    Hilarious... I don't remember the play. But I did see one play where he was just bullrushed onto his butt. Nothing funny about that, even though I believe Romo was able to get the pass off.
  5. BrAinPaiNt

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    I think Leary got knocked back like that once as well.
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    AII I can say big win at home and while Dallas did some good things offense and defense there is still much work ahead of them. Kiffin loved how the defense created turnovers but not happy with the overall play from the defense they can do better but as he also said this was the 1st game in his defensive system. Offense I felt the OL did a lot of good things but Bernadeau needs to go to backup and hopefully Waters will be ready to go next week. There were many close games over the weekend ours included and while I'm thrilled with the win I know this team is capable of better. Hopefully they can build off the positives and work to correct some of the negitives for this up coming game with KC.

    1-0 I will take it!!!
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    I guess it happens to the best of 'em, but with the Cowboys shaky line woes, it's not exactly inspiring to say the least.

    That said, Romo had a pretty good pocket most of the night. There were times, he had so much time, he could've run to the tunnel, used the bathroom, and still had time to get the pass off.
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    I think some of his pre snap signals were not to his team mates but maybe a couple of them to his wife. LOL.

    On a serious note. I did like seeing him have all that time. But I did notice something else. I thought with the no huddle and so on we would be seeing them get the snap count off a little faster but for the most part I see they are still milking the clock and trying to see the opposing set ups and readjust their own.
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    I agree. I thought they'd get the snap off a little faster, as well. I remember something in TC with Romo yelling Nascar and the tempo would change. No uptempo game from them yesterday. That said, that slow-no-huddle did seem to work since the Giants had to fake injuries to get rest.
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    I think its something where they want to get to the line of scrimmage make the defense line up and then sit, then try to fire off then go back re-set in the stance, sit, then fire off again. Nothing is harder for a DL then getting in stance, holding it for 10-15 seconds then firing off, getting back in the stance for another 10-15 seconds then firing off again. I also think once the get OL settled more then will go to that. this was Leary's first game back and as we saw Bern wasn't exactly a stud on the line.
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    I think some of that will also depend on the d package on the field. If we feel we have an advantage with our personal grouping, go no huddle and don't allow them to sub in new players. Don't have to snap the ball quick to be effective. Just keep that same group on the field and wear them down. They were doing that last night and it even resulted in a few injuries for the Gnats,, all real non fake injuries I am sure :)
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    One thing about the coaching... no delay of game penalties. I think that communication between upstairs to sideline to Romo seemed to work well. It also appeared to free up Garrett to get on players, get on officials, etc without it hurting the offensive flow.

    One game does not a trend make, so we'll see, but it's a little thing that I hope is a big improvement.
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    True. Now if we could sort out the miscommunication on defense.
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