News: FWST: After first game, Cowboys receiver Bryant expects better results

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    By Clarence E. Hill Jr.

    From meeting his hero, LeBron James, on the sideline before the game and James knowing who he was, to surprisingly being the team's most targeted receiver, last week's season opener at Washington was a dream come true.

    "Man, that's crazy," a still-excited Bryant said in the Cowboys' locker room Friday. "That's King James. Just to see him. Not only that, he said my name. He actually knew who I was. I felt real good after that. That was just crazy. That was exciting to see him on the sideline cheering for the Cowboys."

    Now that he's gotten his legs back under him after missing the preseason with a high ankle sprain and a game's experience after missing nearly all of last season at Oklahoma State because of a suspension, Bryant says he's ready to take off in Sunday's home opener against the Chicago Bears.

    "I don't feel there was any rust," Bryant said. "I just felt nervous like any rookie. I did an OK job. It could have been better, a lot better."

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    This guy has the right attitude to be a star.
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    I think he'll be much more calm out there...

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