News: FWST Blog: Cowboys already talking Philly

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Dec 18, 2011.

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    The Cowboys didn't even take 24 hours to enjoy their 31-15 victory over the Buccaneers. Tony Romo had not even undressed before addressing the team's next opponent, the rival Eagles.

    "They're going to be a tough matchup," Romo said. "They're a good ballclub. It's going to be a good, tough battle. We're going to be ready for them, but it'll be a good test."

    So how much confidence does owner Jerry Jones have in his team as they get ready for the Eagles? He said confidence isn't the right word.

    "After what happened to us in Philadelphia, there's no confidence," he said with a grin. "That's not the word for me. I’m respectful. I used to when one of my classmates in grade school did what they did to us, I walked around the other side of the school. So I’m leery of them. We should be leery of them. They’ve got [Michael] Vick back, and it’s going to be all we can do to really get out there in Cowboys Stadium and play."

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    I think if we play the run and throw a zone defense out there.

    Vick will be much less effective.
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    We've got to play a lot of zone - defenders can't be turning their back to Vick. We've got to blitz some early, but last time we played we overrushed outside and let vick and mccoy run through huge holes. containtment and pressure up the middle is key.
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    STAY IN YOUR GAPS!! If McCoy goes wild again, we are in trouble. Keep Vick in the pocket and throw some different coverages up we can compete with them.
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    They are a matchup nightmare for us: too quick on the edges with Jackson and Maclin and can't contain Vick or McCoy up the middle. Our defense is beat up right now too. But....Jackson did go out of the game hurt today for Philly. Rob will have to earn his money here because Brooking and James were brutal last time and Church is out.......not good.:cool:

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