News: FWST Blog: Cowboys are counting on Dez Bryant

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jul 27, 2011.

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    The Cowboys will make Roy Williams' release official tomorrow. It means they are counting on Dez Bryant, and they are counting on him to stay healthy. Their third receiver will come from a pool that includes Kevin Ogletree, rookie Dwayne Harris, Jesse Holley, Manny Johnson, Troy Bergeron and Teddy Williams. They also could re-sign Sam Hurd. (Executive VP Stephen Jones said signing a veteran receiver isn't at the "top of our list.")

    "The fact that Dez Bryant made such an impact last year gives me confidence," Garrett said. "He was a guy going into his junior year, his third year at Oklahoma State, who hadn't played a ton of football. [He] played three games at Oklahoma State and then didn't play the rest of the season [because of an NCAA suspension]. [He] was injured a lot in training camp [last year], really didn't practice with us until our first game last year and then went in and had the kind of year that he had until he got injured again. So he did so many really good things at a young age without a lot of work. So he's a guy that we believe just can continue to grow and grow as a player. He plays with great passion, emotion and enthusiasm. Anybody who watches him play can see that. We, as coaches, love that. We believe his teammates love that. That's what we want in our football players. So when you go about it the way he has, and you're as talented as he is, now he gets more of an opportunity. There's no reason for us to think that he can't continue to get better."

    -- Charean Williams

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    Or .... maybe it means the Cowboys knew they couldn't count on Roy Williams.
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    Jason Garrett is really excited about Dez Bryant... I think Bryant and Austin (sounds like a law firm, lol) could become the best DUO in the NFL.
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    Anytime you mention guys like Manny Johnson, Troy Bergeron, Teddy Williams, and Jesse Holley to be competing for the #3 wideout position, you are in trouble.

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