News: FWST Blog: Cowboys are ready to sign UDFAs when lockout ends/Coaches are staying busy

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    Cowboys are ready to sign undrafted rookies when lockout ends

    Rookie free agents perhaps are the most affected by the lockout. Players like TCU receiver Bart Johnson, Texas A&M center Matt Allen, Arkansas tackle Ray Dominguez, Nebraska kicker Adi Kunalic, Ohio State receiver Dane Sanzenbacher and Delaware quarterback Pat Devlin weren't drafted and can't be signed until the lockout ends. Because of that, their chances of making a roster are reduced.

    "That’s one of the disappointing things about the lockout has been a number of players have dreams and aspirations of being drafted in the NFL," Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said Monday.

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    Garrett: Coaches are staying busy, getting ready

    Jason Garrett, who was honored Monday at the 2011 Pat Summerall Humble Beginnings Awards Luncheon, said he has plenty of things to keep him busy during the lockout. He would rather be working with the players in organized team activities, but instead is getting organized and prepared for the players' return... whenever that may be.

    "What we have been trying to do as coaches is try to get everything ready for them when they do come back," Garrett said. "It starts with putting structure together for the off-season, for training camp, and then we have to be able to adjust that structure once we find out what the rules are. So we are still in a little bit of a holding pattern.

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