News: FWST Blog: Cowboys can't count on big pass plays again vs. Giants, WR coach says

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    -- Carlos Mendez

    The Cowboys made five big plays in the passing game three weeks ago against the Giants. But receivers coach Jimmy Robinson said they can’t count on it happening again. The biggest plays, a 50-yard touchdown catch by Dez Bryant, and a 70-yard catch by Laurent Robinson, happened without any kind of plan.

    “One of them was probably a lapse in coverage – the one to Dez. The one to Laurent was really just kind of an extended play where he’s done a great job all year long, where he just keeps running, Tony kept moving in the pocket and saw him,” Robinson said Thursday at Valley Ranch, where he met with reporters to talk about Sunday night’s rematch against the Giants. “Those were player-created and defense-created, maybe, on one of them.”

    But the Cowboys can count on pressure on Romo again, forcing more movement in the pocket from him. The Cowboys receivers already know to keep looking for the ball.

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