News: FWST Blog: Jerry says the Cowboys weren't tired, Texans just better...but optimistic

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Aug 29, 2010.

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    Sure they practiced in three different cities and traveled nearly 5,000 miles.
    But he said the team benefitted from light practices and cool temperatures in California over the past week.

    " It’s rested," Jones said. "The team is very rested. This past week we had a very light week. Our team, our legs, we had great weather out there and tried to back off. So we have a good rested group."

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    Jerry (as usual) sees the bright side
    By any objective standard, the Cowboys have not been impressive in preseason. They weren't great even in their victory over San Diego last week. And Saturday night, they were almost unwatchable in a 23-7 loss to the Texans.

    But Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has never met a positive thought he couldn't embrace, and he said not all is bad. A few things need fixing, of course, but here were a few thoughts from Jerry after the game.

    Overall: "We’ll just go to work and look at what we need to do. I would hope we would have some antidotes for some of the things, start with defense and some of the things they do. They get into some three wides, do those kinds of things, four wides. Then we’ve got some things that we do that we didn’t do tonight. We’ve got some things to stop that. But we all know that we’re going to be running up against teams like the Texans. In fact, we run up against them, and you’ve got to be ready to play. We can’t afford any bad nights

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    Of course Jerry, the players are all lying when asked that question........
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    Special teams didn't look too bad.
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    That's what I was thinking.
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    Jerrah is a bit more nervous than usual. I've been noticing that he hasn't been the 100% sunshine Jerry that he usually is at this time and I think the thought of playing in the SB at Cowboys stadium has him a bit too tight.

    I take that as good news, by the way. Sometimes his optimism can be taken as the song says: " don't worry, about a thing, every little thing, it's gonna be awright " and players tend to relax more than they should. Hopefully they've noticed the same thing and realize how close they are to accomplishing something special, but they'll still have to work for it.

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