News: FWST Blog: Kitna is the perfect backup QB

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    Jon Kitna has heard Martellus Bennett's headline-creating comments from this off-season that Kitna should be allowed to compete for the starting job. Kitna also knows a segment of Cowboys Nation wants him, not Tony Romo, starting at quarterback for the Cowboys.

    Kitna's believes he's "a top quarterback in this league" even though "the stats don't prove that to be." While he might consider himself a starter, Kitna is the consummate team player. He is going to do whatever he is asked to do, which, right now, is to backup Romo.

    "It's the role I've been given," Kitna said. "I understand, and I have a firm foundation that God is in control of everything. I take whatever He gives."

    -- Charean Williams

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