News: FWST Blog: Romo says Cowboys are mentally tough/Still has swelling in hand

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    -- Charean Williams

    Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith questioned the Cowboys' mental toughness during an ESPN interview, but Tony Romo said the team has proved its menal toughness more than once this season.

    "We had a big game at San Francisco earlier in the year," Romo said. "It felt like a must-win at that time, and we went out there and laid it on the line, and the team won, and we were trailing late in that game. So there was a lot of mental toughness in that game. I think we went up to Washington in a game that was big for us there and showed a lot of mental toughness there. This football team just has a way of keep coming back and keep grinding. Obviously, it comes down to a game like this. That’s why you play sports. That’s why you play this game, is to be involved in games that can allow you to keep going on and playing. I know it’s fun for us to prepare for a game like this."

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    Romo still has swelling in his injured right hand, but he will be "good to go" Sunday

    Romo still has swelling in his injured right hand, but he will be "good to go" Sunday Tony Romo has spent a lot of time in the training room this week. All the things he's done have reduced the swelling in his bruised right hand.

    "I just think everything is coming together like we thought," Romo told media at Valley Ranch on Thursday. "Each day is getting a little better. We’ll be good to go this weekend."

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