News: FWST Blog: Tony Romo talks about Dez, Miles, marriage and the first week of camp

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Aug 2, 2011.

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    Tony Romo's answers a few questions about the first week of camp, including the new defense, the play of Dez Bryant and Miles Austin and marriage

    On whether it’s been slow getting started:
    “No, it’s been good actually. There’s a lot stuff being thrown at a lot of guys. We have a lot of young guys being out there put in positions and we’ve thrown a lot at them. It’s been very good. I’ve been very pleased. The guys have gotten off to a pretty good start. We have to minimize a couple of mistakes, just the mental errors on some plays, but that’s to be expected the first few days of camp.”

    On what he is going to do on the players day off tomorrow:
    “I don’t know, probably try to sleep and then I’ll probably grab some lunch with some of the guys.”

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    I had heard that Tony has been real impressive and that the chemistry between he and his key WRs is excellent.

    I bet he lights it up this year.
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    I heard this actual interview on DC.COM last night... Tony is being more of a vocal leader which is good to see.
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    I sure hope so, main thing is we got to keep him standing. Give Romo the protection and he has the weapons.
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    Easier going to bed...... I bet it is:D
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    and when you wake up you have less trouble remembering her name. :laugh2:

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