News: FWST: Brandon Everage Contacts Cowboys

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Hostile, Jul 15, 2004.

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    Damn, one little joke and you get your panties all up in a wad? Relax bra.
  2. speedkilz88

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    Not too many teams will sign an injured player. Thats why the Cowboys cut Ryan Fowler. If he is healthy now in workouts somebody will give him a shot. I hope its the Cowboys, he should have a real shot at beating out Lynn Scott.:D
  3. jobberone

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    If you are a general manager and/or coach then I think you can overlook his past problems as they are warning flags but youthful offenses. If he gets an endorsement from his coaches and has a good interview he can easily sidestep the "character" issues.

    What the problem I have with him is investing a roster spot on someone who although talented seems to have injury problems. It's not good to be a safety who has to lift his arms and knock people aroung with their shoulders to have shoulder problems.

    The science of shoulder recontruction has not equaled that of knee surgery or even ankle surgery. In fact I would say even foot surgery has moved ahead of it.

    The shoulder has unique anatomy and is the only joint in the body like it. Problems with shoulders tend to be how they are constructed and recurrent. In other words I would consider him from my vantage point without any other knowledge of his shoulders to be a high risk for recurrent and chronic problems with his shoulders.

    That bites for him.

    I'd say team doctors and outside specialists would have more to do with signing him than character issues although I'm not discounting the latter.
  4. Rack Bauer

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    It's not "one little joke". It's one of many that I'm getting f'in tired of. I did the same type of joke to him not long ago and he deleted the post. So tell me, who is getting their "Panties in a wad"?
  5. Hostile

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    Uh, to be truthful, I didn't even remember it was you who said it Rack. I just remember questioning it because there was no evidence it had happened. If I remember right some Bears fans were the source. Could be wrong on that too.
  6. Hostile

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    Jeez, welcome to Drama 101.
  7. speedkilz88

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    I'm no medical expert, but when Emmitt or Troy separarated their shoulder and had surgery, I remember the claim that the doctors said that the surgically repaired shoulder would actually be stronger than his uninjured shoulder.

    Seeing that Everage injured his right shoulder first and then tore the left rotator possibly supports that. (At some point athritis in his shoulders may do him in.:( )

    He will probably have to sign a minimum contract with no signing bonus and a split contract in case of injury. That would make it a minimal risk in my book.
  8. Danny White

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    Does "Chronic Cowboy" from the Silverstar board ever post over here?

    I remember him saying something about "partying" with Everage at OU. Made it seem like Everage really liked having a good time.
  9. Rack Bauer

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    I apologize for that, Hostile. I've been having a crappy last couple of days and brought it to the boards with me (so to speak).

    It was a Bears fan that told me they signed him. Last time I trust a Bears' fan.
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    What's the harm in bringing him in to TC?

    Screw the "character issues"....they can choose to test him 3 times a week. That SHOULD keep him on the straight and narrow.

    IF he has the ability to get it done, then do it.

    But with ALL of the teams passing on him, perhaps there may be more to the story.....but then again, maybe not.
  11. Hostile

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    No worries man. I wouldn't trust Bears fans either.
  12. ddh33

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    I'm a big OU fan.

    Everage dropped for several reasons. Obviously, his health was a concern. To his credit, he never complained and kept on playing. I don't think anyone really knew until after the season how banged up he was, but it did explain some of the complaints I had about him not wrapping up on his tackles.

    He also has some character issues. He got himself into some trouble for driving a vehicle with pot and alcohol inside. There were several rumors that it wasn't the first time he had done something like that.

    My thoughts on him coming to Dallas are actually all positive. I think the kid is worth a shot. He's got talent, and Parcells may be able to get it all out of him. If he doesn't work out, it didn't cost much.

    By the way, he's a Stoops kid so he will play some special teams for you. That should endear him to Bill.
  13. Skeptic

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    Please God.

    Please God.

    Please God.

    Make it happen Bill/Jerry.

  14. Skeptic

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    That's about as closed-minded as it gets.

    Wake up and smell the world you're living in, Mr. Buchanon.
  15. Eskimo

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    The shoulder is a complicated joint containing four articulations or connections:

    Sternoclavicular (breast bone to collar bone)

    Acromioclavicular or AC (The shoulder blade has a funny protuberance that wraps around the side and then the front of the shoulder where it joins the collar bone)

    Glenohumeral (The Glenoid is a cup formed by the outside of the shoulder blade. This is where the head of the humerus or arm bone lies)

    Scapulothoracic (This is the "joint" between the shoulder blade at the chest wall but it isn't a true joint, per se).

    In a shoulder separation, most people are referring to a tearing of one of the ligaments that supports the AC joint. 1st and 2nd degree separations are relatively minor and cause no major disruption of the congruity of the joint without any external load being applied. In a second degree separation, usually there will be some separation of the joint if the person holds a weight in his hand. In 3rd degree and higher separations, both ligaments are totally torn and the congruity of the AC joint is lost. High grade separations on the AC joint are refractory to surgical repair by and large because people who tend to suffer this injury (high-impact athletes) will tend to re-injure when they return to playing their sport. Over the long-term, the mechanical disadvantage of an AC joint player in a non-throwing athlete is probably fairly minor.

    In terms of recurrent dislocations of the shoulder, this can be a very difficult problem. There are a group of individuals who are naturally loose jointed and they will usually fail surgical management. The surgery has a decent success rate in those who are normal jointed. You replace a loose joint with a tight one.

    In terms of rotator cuff tears, it is exceedingly rare to tear your rotator cuff under the age of 30. Not sure how he did it. The repaired tendon/muscle will almost certainly never regain its full strength, especially after being left unrepaired for a long period of time. As the muscle loses its innervation with the tear, it will begin to degenerate and become replaced by fat and connective tissue. Even if this didn't happen, it still wouldn't return to full strength. Having said that, one can usually compensate pretty well for minor losses of strength in the rotator cuff musculature (see Terrence Newman).

    Anyhow, it wouldn't hurt to bring him in for a look. The one good thing about shoulders is they are very easy to examine medically if pain-free. Furthermore, since pro contracts aren't guaranteed and we would only be signing him to a 1st year min salary, there is really little risk financially to signing him.
  16. Silverstar

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    Are we so desperate for a safety, that we need to consider a player like this?

    This guy has character issues and is an injury waiting to happen...HELLO?

    There are plenty of good safeties in next years draft to choose from anyway. Guys like Thomas Davis, Jamaal Brimmer, Josh Bullocks, Jerome Carter, Donte Nicholson and James Butler to name a few.

    BTW, is Woody retiring after this season...or is it next season?

  17. MichaelWinicki

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    Brandon Everage


    SALADIN Jumper

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    Thanks for breaking it down Eskimo, thats some good info.

    Did you stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night? :D
  19. Bluefin

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    The flip side of that pancake would be, is Dallas so talented they can't take a risk on a troubled college player?

    If the Cowboys decided to take a look at Everage, it would be a free look with no draft choice being used and almost no signing bonus.

    What would be the downside?

    Either Everage would shape up and make the team or he'd simply be released during the various roster cuts.

    I imagine Roy Williams could give Bill and Jerry a good indication on whether or not Everage is a good prospect deserving of a second chance along the lines of Leonardo Carson.

    Dallas may not be interested in bringing Everage to camp or they may get outbid by another team, but there's really no downside in taking a free look at a talented player this time of year.

    Was Everage much of a special teams player with the Sooners?

    That will be a must for any reserve safety in Big D.
  20. Danny White

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    What the heck is that supposed to mean? :confused:

    It's an honest assement of the guy. Are you suggesting that possible chronic drug problems aren't a warning sign for a player your team is considering?

    Could I have made it any clearer that I LIKE Everage and that I hope and pray the Cowboys take a look at him? I've been beating that drum for months now.

    But I also hope that he has cleaned up his act, because he won't reach anywhere near his potential unless he has. Sorry if saying that makes me narrow-minded in your book.

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