News: FWST: Brandon Everage Contacts Cowboys

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Hostile, Jul 15, 2004.


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    I agree with what several have already said. There is no down side to bringing this guy in. If he checks out physically, take him to camp. We have nobody at FS. People who think Woody can play that position are not looking at the big picture IMO.

    83 man roster to training camp is no big deal. A good 10% of these guys are camp fodder anyway. There at camp to fill out practice rosters. Zero chance of making the team. We would be stupid not to take a look at this guy if he's healthy.

    Get her done!
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    Thanks for the in-depth analysis.
    My main point was that his shoulders are obviously the reason he wasn't even picked up as a FA. You have to be joking if you think a guy with the potential he had would be passed over for smoking pot. :rolleyes:

    If you have a spare afternoon you can take a look at him, but most of the teams must already know he's done for him not to get even a sniff by now.

    I hope I'm wrong 'cause I feel for the guy, he obviously put his team before anything else and is now being screwed because of it.

    On the other hand though this guy reminds me of Bryant Westbrook. Everyone hoped he'd healed up and we were getting a steal... but Campo's gone now and deals like this aren't being made at the Ranch anymore.

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    I think there could be something to what you say about his injuries. On the other hand, if he's just received the OKIE DOKIE from his doctors to play, it would explain why there has been little interest.

    I don't feel as if Westbrook and Everage can be compaired. Westbrook signed for a million with a nice signing bonus. Everage is out there for probably little more then the minimum. These two deals would be light years difference in how the contracts were structured. Everage would get a TC contract and probably nothing more to start with. I don't see any reason to pass on the opportunity to see what he can do. Just not good business IMO.
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    Everage is in the same boat as Ryan Fowler(The FA the Cowboys released after hurting his back at Duke). When they can pass a physical they will be picked up.
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    I would not be upset if we take a look at him. He is low risk-high reward and if he pass a physical, then we may have the future FS of this team.
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    When I compared the two players I wasn't talking about contracts. I was talking about how an extremely talented player siting on the sidelines can get people salivating and thinking a deal is just lying around waiting to be picked up. I'm saying situations like this invariably turn out to be pyrite.

    Agreed, Just don't get your hopes up, or waste valuable snaps on him like we did with Ryan Leaf. If he's healthier now but his injury is likely going to be chronic then pass.
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    With the lack of FS's on the team its well worth having our Doc's check him out and see if he has regained his health....

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    I agree with you in principle. Long shots usually don't come in but once in a great while, you get lucky. I also agree that your expectations have to be tempered. If we signed Everage and he turned out to be a player, we save a pick (Probably High) in the next draft. If he is an injury risk, he's likely going to play in passing situations only, and then in coverage. He is not the safety that would likely be blowing people up. He could be a good back up or situational player if he still has skills. If he only lasts for half the season, that's one half a season more then we would have gotten either way so no loss. The problem here is that we really don't have anybody on the roster, IMO, that is even potentially suitable for developement at FS unless you move Hunter. There's really nobody to take snaps away from and that's a pretty sad statement IMO. He is what he is but that's OK. He costs basically nothing and the team has everything to gain if he developes. JMO
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    careful using that phrase there, people could misconstrue your meaning. :)
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    We know "exactly" what Hos meant... :D

    Not that there is anything wrong with that...
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    NFL to come later for Sooner

    By Lorne Chan

    Star-Telegram Staff Writer

    Former Oklahoma All-American safety Brandon Everage is looking for work.

    Though Everage was a four-time All-Big 12 selection and helped the Sooners win the national championship in 2000, the 6-foot, 205-pound Granger native was not selected in the 2004 NFL Draft. He was not signed as a free agent, either.

    "It's been a dream to play in the NFL," Everage said. "I just love the game of football, and I'll play for whatever."

    Shoulder injuries and legal issues have kept teams from taking a chance on Everage. He had rotator cuff surgery on his left shoulder in February, and he's been arrested three times in the past four years. The citations range from driving with a suspended license and an open container of alcohol to a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge. He was found not guilty of the drug charge.

    Once projected as a second- or third-round draft pick, Everage watched as 18 safeties were selected among the 255 choices. After the draft, when teams sign an average of 20 free agents each from colleges, Everage never received a call from an NFL team.

    "People are selective injury-wise and character-wise in the draft," said former Cowboys player personnel director Gil Brandt, now a draft analyst for "Everybody has become very character conscious. Unless it's a great player, do you want to take on a problem? I think people shy away from that."

    So for now, Everage drives around Oklahoma City in a borrowed car while his cousin and agent, Mike Lartigue, pays the bills.

    Lartigue said teams did not take Everage because he was still recovering from surgery in the spring and couldn't make it to any of the pro workouts or timing days.

    "You're allowed to bring 85 people to camp, and I don't know why anybody would want to use one of those 85 slots [on Everage] if they haven't seen him," Brandt said. "Teams don't draft a lot of safeties, because you can move a corner to safety, but you can't move a safety to any other place because they don't have the same ability.

    "But for him to start at Oklahoma, he must be doing something right."

    Everage, who drives his brother's Chevy Tahoe to workouts in Norman, said he is healthy and has been cleared by his doctors to play football again. Everage has workouts scheduled in the next two weeks with Oakland, San Francisco, Buffalo and Atlanta. The NFL rookie minimum salary is $230,000 a year.

    "We'll go on his tour, and hopefully it won't be too long because one of the first teams will sign him," Lartigue said.

    Lartigue said he talked to the Cowboys in the spring about Everage and was told to call back when Everage was healthy. Lartigue plans to contact the Cowboys next week, when team officials return from vacation.

    "I would like to reunite with my good buddy Roy Williams," Everage said of his former Sooners teammate. "It would be a great thing for me since I learned a lot from him and followed his lead."

    Everage has a reputation on the field as a reckless hitter. He earned first-team American Football Coaches Association All-America honors in 2002 after finishing with 94 tackles and six interceptions.

    But the hits took their toll on Everage's shoulders, and after the 2002 season he had surgery on his right shoulder.

    Everage decided not to go pro after his junior season because of the surgery and attempted to obtain an insurance policy from Lloyd's of London. Because he had just had surgery, Everage said he was not granted a policy.

    Everage recovered, but in a game against Missouri midway through the 2003 season, he heard a snap in his left shoulder while making a hit. He sat out only one play and finished the game with eight tackles.

    Everage said doctors told him afterward that he tore his rotator cuff. Everage said his family, friends and many coaches advised him to get surgery, but he wanted to "try to be a warrior on the field for my team," he said.

    At times he couldn't lift his arm, but Everage kept playing, finishing the season with 60 tackles and one interception.

    "He meant so much to our program for so long we couldn't take him off the field," said Arizona coach Mike Stoops, then Oklahoma's defensive coordinator. "We probably left him out for too long in a lot of situations, but he did everything we ever asked of him the whole time he was there."

    Everage remains hopeful he'll get an opportunity with an NFL team and said he is being voluntarily tested for drugs every two weeks.

    "I know I have a lot to prove, that all the off-field problems have passed by me," Everage said. "I will do everything I can to help a team that wants to sign me."
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    Sorry dude, but this is a repost
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    This guy was a decent playmaker at Oklahoma, but I don't see him coming to camp unless some other 'bubble' player gets hurt. And although you have to like a guy whose willing to play, you have to question the decision.

    There is a difference between playing with pain and playing with injury. A torn rotator cuff is a significant injury and someone should have convinced him to sit out the rest of the year, take his redshirt and then start his comeback. Losing a year in college would have been much better than losing the first year after college.
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    I'm sure the injury which is stopping a signing. Just like wew cut the Duke ILB.

    He'll surface somewhere if medically cleared.
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    There almost has to be. It would seem that someone would have grabbed him by now.

    It is indeed tough to take a hard hitting safety when he has already blown both shoulders out.

    I'd probably just as soon pass on him, frankly.
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    Even worse... a repost of a repost. La Tuna had it up first on the NFL Forum. :D
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    I read the article , and did i Miss something?

    You can get head from a girl young enough to be your daughter and run the free world.

    Smoke a joint and your football career is shot to shyt.

    Ok I think I'll wake up now cause I'm F'in Dreaming.

    I love post and or articles from people that beat Jesus in the 40 across the Dead sea.
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    Let's get Everage in here now.....

    Because he could move Lynn Scott off of the roster.....

    Cargile good too.... his size... 6-3 or sumthin

    but Everage is one of the best safties on NCAA 2003..... get him in here...

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    ***? :confused:
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    English motherf%ker! Do you speak it!

    Sorry couldn't resist a movie quote from one of my top 5 movies of all time.

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