News: FWST: Callahan: Garrett right man for job, not looking to take over as play-caller

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    Clarence E. Hill Jr.

    There has been a lot of talk since last Sunday’s 31-29 loss to the Ravens, which featured some game management mistakes in the final moments, about whether veteran offensive line coach/offensive coordinator Bill Callahan should take over play-calling duties from coach Jason Garrett.

    Callahan wants no part of the discussion.

    "I think coach does a great job calling plays," Callahan said. "When I first took the job, I came here to help him in any capacity. That's what my function is and that's what my role is on our staff. Anyway I can help coach in preparation, if he wants a suggestion, I certainly can give it to him. We got great communication on the sideline and in between series, he's the play caller here and does a great job with it and he has a great feel for what Tony (Romo) likes and what we want to do as an offense. I got nothing but immense respect for coach and his ability to call plays."

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    Callahan: Garrett right man for job, had Cowboys work on more two-minute situations in practice

    Offensive line coach/offensive coordinator Bill Callahan said that coach Jason Garrett is the right man for the job.

    “I don’t think there is anybody that has put more time and energy into the practice plan and staff meetings talking about the situation than Jason has,” Callahan said. “Today, we worked on four different times of two minute situations whether it was clock winding down with a minute left, with a timeout, with no timeout, yardages, every scenario you think of. All those type of things are being covered and handled. We do a great job at that I think. We can always get better.”

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    Not really surprising to anyone, is it?
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    The playcalling was not bad last week. In fact, it was excellent.

    Still struggling to understand what people think we're supposed to do here.

    I mean, of course all fans could call better plays on Madden.
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    He works for Garrett. What is he supposed to say?
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    Garrett called an excellent game for 57 minutes. I only questioned the last drive, end of 1st half drive where they took a knee, and the drive they elected to take a delay penalty and punt. They should have gone for it there IMO.

    I hope the offense plays like they did last week, and if so, they will be fine (offensively speaking).
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    My issue was not with the play calling but the clock management. We should have gotten 3 plays at the most out of those 30 seconds. Anybody lolli-gagging on the field would have been called out during post game ... that's all I'm saying.
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    his comment or his comment (i.e. company line)
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    You know what would have really been great. Garrett actually called play-action in the 3rd and 4th quarters after running the ball effectively.

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