News: FWST: Callahan not judging running game or offensive line by stats

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    -- Carlos Mendez

    Offensive line coach Bill Callahan said he hasn’t seen enough to know whether the Cowboys are running better to one side of the line or another. DeMarco Murray is gaining more yards per carry to the left side (4.4) than the right (2.4).

    “We haven’t run it enough to make a judgment, in my opinion,” he said.
    But the Cowboys don’t necessarily put a lot of stock in what side is producing better statistics, Callahan said, because their zone blocking scheme allows for runs to cut back.

    “That’s where your big runs are at,” he said. “So you may say, OK, you’re not running well to your right. Maybe it’s not so much right side, but when the ball gets cut back, maybe your left side is not as good. So all I’m doing is trying to point out that it’s not always just a particular side. When you’re zoning the ball, it can go anywhere.

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    well they look bad too :laugh2:
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    ... it looks like a steady dose of running on Sunday
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    Since when do we run a zone blocking scheme? Sure, we mix in the stretch every now and then, but we look nothing like a true zone blocking team like Washington and Houston.

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