News: FWST: Carr says coaches, players '50-50' in accountability as news of Ryan firing...

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    -- Carlos Mendez

    Cornerback Brandon Carr said he was caught off guard by the firing of defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, but that the players and coaches are both accountable.

    “I’m not into pointing fingers,” Carr said Tuesday night in an in-studio interview with WFAA Channel 8. “I go out there and try to do the job to my best ability. I believe our coaching staff put us in positions to make plays. Some of that lies on us being accountable for our own actions and not getting the job done on Sundays. Of course, some of that goes back on coaches. It’s a 50-50 split.

    “That decision was made from higher up. As a player, you have to roll with the punches.”

    Carr acknowledged the role injuries played in the Cowboys’ season.

    “It played a big part in our season, but our philosophy was next man up,” Carr said. “Coach Ryan emphasized it and hung his hat on the ability that his game plan could put pretty much anybody into the game. Through all the injuries, adversity, tragedy, everything we went through, the last game that we played, we still have a chance to make it to the postseason and win our division. We made do with the pieces that we had.”

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    He may be right, but it is a lot easier and cap friendly to release a coach than it is to release several players. Super Bowl and successful coaches eventually get fired too.

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    I'm disappointed with Ryan's firing. I thought he did the best he could given the injury/personnel situation. It seemed like the guys liked playing for him and would not give up.

    I also don't see the reasoning behind Peete's firing. We have a crappy OL and his RBs got injured. He was given alot of credit for having Murray ready to step up when Felix was out for the Rams game last season. I don't think Peete's loss will be significant; I just don't see why it was merited.
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    Throwing in the fact that its a 50 50 split and the end like that, to me, pretty much says that players were never in position to make plays and he's trying to be PC.
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    Still think them players get released.

    Livings or Bernadeau

    Think all these player are most likely gone

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    I was surprised by Carr's quotes because I took them the same way. I also found it interesting how in his quote Carr said the playes share a role but then put it back on the coaching. He wasn't exactly coming to Ryan's defense in his remarks - far from it.
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    Unfortunately Rob Ryan hung his hat on nothing.

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