News: FWST: Carr says it is 'not the time to panic' about the Cowboys' slow start

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    _ Jimmy Burch

    As the Cowboys head into their bye week, cornerback Brandon Carr said it is too early to overreact to the team’s 2-2 start despite a pair of lopsided losses to Seattle (27-7) and Chicago (34-18) wrapped around a less-than-stellar performance in a 16-10 victory over Tampa Bay.

    “It’s not the time to panic,” Carr said after Wednesday’s practice at Valley Ranch. “We’ve got a lot of football left. We’re still fairly new to each other, still trying to find ourselves. But the good thing I can see is we just keep battling.”

    Carr, the team’s highest-profile addition via free agency during the off-season, said he is satisfied with the progress made by an injury-riddled defense

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    Couldn't disagree more. It's probably going to take 10 wins to get 8-4 the rest of the way...and as of now, this team has shown 0 ability to string together enough wins to do so. Unlike other sports like baseball and hockey, it's not a long season. Every game matters and there's no time to be patient, especially when the problem is just showing up.

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