News: FWST: Chances for draftees Coale, Johnson to make team "hampered" by lengthy ailments

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. WoodysGirl

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    _ Jimmy Burch

    Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said the chances for receiver Danny Coale and safety Matt Johnson to make the team’s 53-man roster are “certainly hampered” if they miss a second consecutive pre-season game Saturday against San Diego, which appears likely.

    Coale has battled foot and quad injuries. Johnson recently was cleared after a hamstring injury. Neither player made the trip to Oakland for Monday’s 3-0 victory and Garrett said the team will wait and judge both draft picks when they are full strength. But their inability to stay on the field during training camp has cost them opportunities to impress coaches that have gone to other players.

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  2. wittenacious

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    Still feel the Cowboys will try to keep both Coale and Johnson. Worst case scenario, IMO: waiving one or both of them to try to sneak them onto the PS. Risky, to the point I think we'd lose Coale, for sure, and possible Johnson too.

    Sucks to be watching their careers with the Cowboys being put to the injury test the way they've been... both players so negatively affected, thus far. Guess we'll see what we will see.
  3. DFWJC

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    This is a terrible situation unless they can lock them in via "injury". No way they want to risk losing two promising draft picks who have nt even been evaluated at the pro level yet. Fr all we know, we have two long term starters here. No way to tell
  4. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Like Jimmy Johnson always said what good are you to the team if you can't practice or play.
  5. big dog cowboy

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    Hate ot lose either especially Johnson. We need a good young safety.
  6. Deep_Freeze

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    Yeah cutting them before they even get a chance to hit the field would be pretty short-sided and dumb. Makes me wonder why we hung onto Bruce Carter for so long, with this thought process we should've cut him.

    JG must have another nephew he wants to give a free paycheck to. I like the way he churns the roster, but this is getting ridiculous, Beasley has been out there but Coale has much more upside....and what other safeties do we have with Johnson's potential??

  7. sago1

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    I wouldn't cut either of them; it will be shortsighted. I'd put them on the 53 man roster--not the PS; we'd lose them. It's not like there a lot of better talent in front of them.
  8. panchucko

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    I don't think he ever said they were going to be cut. I am pretty sure they will be some of the last cuts if they don't make it.
    This quote makes me thing they are pulling for them.
    "Garrett said. “We feel good about both of those guys. That’s why we drafted them"

  9. Deep_Freeze

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    Well JG saying their chances of making the 53 are 'certainly hampered' doesn't sound like sunshine and rainbows either.

    That is of course what I was pointing out, I do think they will be on the 53 and JG is just blowing smoke.
  10. jobberone

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    Why would that statement make u think JG is blowing smoke?
  11. Deep_Freeze

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    Yeah, well I hope he is blowing smoke that is.
  12. jjktkk

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    Garrett is just stating the obvious. Mid to late round draft picks, that can't practice, because of injuries, are behind the eight ball, and need to get on the field.
  13. Fletch

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    Ditto! Love the sig line!
  14. J-DOG

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    I have a hard time believing that they are going to cut either one of these guys until they see them on the field. Think about it. Why would you cut a player that you invested a 4th or 5th round draft pick on, when you have not seen them on the field? You don't.
    Like we have so much depth at safety there is no way to keep Matt Johnson?
    Let's get real here.
    Let's see these kids play before we get them bus ticket's out of town.
  15. FLcowboy

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    Sucks for the fans who put so much faith into the team's drafting skills in the hopes of improving the team. What are there, two draftees playing in tonight's pre-season game?
  16. Muhast

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    I'm personally of the belief that if your not seriously hurt (like as in broken bone or rehabbing from surgery) you need to be on the field. Even if you don't go full speed, and you don't do every drill, you should be out there. Especially if your not a lock to make the team. Find a way to participate in some drills, even if you can't do everything.
  17. RS12

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    Am I the only one that wants to see Coale punt?
  18. jjktkk

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    Count me in on that. Would love to see some sort of fake punt package using Coale.

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