News: FWST: Charlie Peprah is ready if needed, but Matt Johnson still is out

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 6, 2012.

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    -- Charean Williams

    Safety Charlie Peprah has been inactive for the two games since the Cowboys signed him off the street. But that doesn't mean they are disappointed in the seven-year veteran.

    Peprah has played in 69 games, with 26 starts, in his career.

    "I think the biggest thing is we feel like from a special teams standpoint, there are some other options that we can have out there [instead of Peprah]," Garrett said when asked why Peprah had been inactive. "He’s learning, and he’s a guy we feel confident in because of his experience in this league and how quickly he’s picked things up that he can go in and play safety for us. But in terms of the depth that we have right there now, we feel pretty good about where we are there. That’s why he hasn’t been active. But he’s certainly making progress and understanding what we’re trying to do. He’s a good player."

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    Matt Johnson needs to be put on IR
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    Look, I have no problem with a guy like Bruce Carter taking a red-shirt year.

    But I completely agree with you, at a certain point we need to either IR him or cut him.
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    No reason to cut him just put him on IR him and get him ready for next years camp. Time to move on this year.
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    Why IR him, it's not like we need a spot for a player so we can make a playoff run.

    This whole year is a red shirt year. If he can get healthy and play a couple of games, it's worth it. We need to see as many folks on the field as possible before FA and the draft next year.

    This year is over in terms of making a push to the playoffs.
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    I wouldn't IR Matt Johnson. It isn't like we need the roster spot.

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