News: FWST: Cowboys' Anthony Spencer ready to rebound from slow start

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by MichaelWinicki, Nov 4, 2010.

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    Cowboys' Anthony Spencer ready to rebound from slow start
    Posted Wednesday, Nov. 03, 2010
    By Charean Williams

    IRVING -- This was supposed to be Anthony Spencer's year. The Dallas Cowboys linebacker had 58 tackles, eight sacks, 22 quarterback pressures and two forced fumbles in the team's final eight games of last season, including the postseason.

    But Spencer, the 26th overall pick in 2007, has had a quiet fourth season so far. He has 44 tackles, three sacks, eight quarterback pressures and one forced fumble.

    "I find myself in some position to make plays, but plays are going away from me," Spencer said. "Or when I do, I'm getting chipped or whatnot. I really couldn't tell you [it hasn't gone as well this season]."

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  2. bbailey423

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    this in a nutshell is Wades can you call ANYONE dominant when you get horse whipped like we did....and even if someone did play well...getting the brakes beat off you at home is not a time to "talk up" anyones play. My God how did we EVER think we were going to win a Super Bowl with this guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Chuck 54

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    So if Spencer had such a great game last week...and if he claims plays are going away from him...either everyone is full of sheep dip, or DWare is having an awful year.
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    Wait a minute? He's not having that bad of a year... Come on now! Those are respectable numbers in my opinion...
  5. bbailey423

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    are you being sarcastic? just asking. Because our pass defense is large part due to the pressure not getting there. So if he is having a good year...and DWare is having an even better year....what gives?
  6. jamesdojr

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    I wish all these guys would just stop talking. It doesn't matter anymore if he rebounds from a slow start.

    I'd make Mike Jenkins and Anthony Spencer bring McCann and Butler water during comercial breaks. But they probably wouldn't be able to execute that properly.


  7. Iago33

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    It's good that he decided to start doing his job. That's nice of him. He should get an award.
  8. garyv

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    Honestly he would not start for me next season and the main reason is he lacks fire in his play. He needs to be behind someone that plays with more intensity. I would like to see him coming off the bench next season. We need someone across from Ware that plays with a fire.

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