News: FWST: Cowboys are not counting on having DeMarco Murray this week

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 13, 2012.

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    -- Charean Williams/Carlos Mendez

    The Cowboys are not ready to count on DeMarco Murray against Cleveland, a team source said. He’ll get a chance to prove himself in practice this week, but the Cowboys again insisted they want him to be 100 percent, and not just close, before he plays.

    “There are a lot of different thresholds that he has to get over,” coach Jason Garrett said. “He’s certainly making progress. ... We’ll see how he is the next couple of days. Hopefully he’ll do something on Wednesday.”

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    Fixed it for ya! :D
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    I don't think he plays against Cleveland or Washington.
  5. ninja

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    Murray has missed half the season so far an he is still the leading rusher. Just shows you how bad the running game has been without him.

    I think I posted before that I wouldn't be surprised if Murray doesn't play until after the Thanksgiving game.
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    They should not need him to beat Cleve;) land.
  8. Zimmy Lives

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    Cue Pacman in 4...3...2...
  9. mldardy

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    This is the right approach. I want Murray 100% ready and if that means not having him back til December that is fine. We didn't have him last December or for some of it at least. We can get by these next few without him IMO. And when he does come back don't run him all the time. Mix it up with him and Felix. The Cowboys started the year running Murray all the time or at least 90% of the running plays. I'd like to see 60-40 or 70-30 with Murray and Jones.
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    What else is new?
  11. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Can we please get a running back who can stay healthy???
  12. Risen Star

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    I wouldn't hesitate to draft another this spring.

    But of course until we have some semblance of a functioning offensive line it probably won't matter much.
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    I would like a quick burner type running back to compliment murray

  14. ninja

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    I wouldn't mind seeing the Cowboys replace Felix, Tanner, or Dunbar with Alabama's RB Lacey.
  15. FLcowboy

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    He wouldn't get away with this if Parcels, or, Johnson were the coach. Lots of college running backs will be entering the draft. Time to find one who can stay healthy. He's taking a roster position away from somebody who could help.
  16. Teague31

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    I would be amazed if he plays again this year
  17. 28 Joker

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    Felix Jones averaged 4.3 YPC (9-39) against Atlanta. Jones looked good against Atlanta (14 touches and 109 yards). The Falcons never had to stop Jones when he was hot in that game, because Dallas' coaches and the play calling did that for the Falcons. You saw that in the Philadelphia game, too. Again, Dallas' coaches should be held accountable for the split between Jones and Dunbar in the Atlanta game (9-8 in favor of Jones). Dunbar is a developmental practice squad player, and he missed a wide open inside lane (on a draw) against Atlanta (he bounced it outside and went no where). That drive died. The coaches must have seen the picture of the open lane, because Jones hit that same play on the first play of the second half and gained 15 yards. Then, you have Phillip Tanner getting stuffed on a crucial 3rd and 1 (@ the Atlanta 50). That drive died.

    On the other side, Michael Turner rushed it 20 times.

    Why did the Cowboys lose to Atlanta?

    1. Felix Jones carries only 9 times (9-39 4.4 YPC)

    2. Phillip Tanner gets stuffed on 3rd and 1 (@ ATL 50)

    3. Miles Austin drops a big play and kills a drive

    The Cowboys should have been in the lead during that game, and 17 rushing attempts against a very suspect Atlanta rush defense is embarrassing and only running Jones 9 times should be double embarrassing to Dallas' coaches.

    Felix rushed it 16 times against the Eagles (71 yards, 4.3 YPC), and Dallas' overall rushing attempts went up (25). Felix Jones had 19 touches and 93 total yards and 1 TD. Dallas won the game.

    The Cowboys should have beaten Baltimore, New York Giants, and Atlanta. Those games were given away, and I put the ultimate blame squarely on Jason Garrett and Dallas' coaches.

    When I think of how and why those games were lost, I get really upset. If Felix Jones gets just one more carry or yard against the Giants, the Cowboys are probably going to put a stake in the Giants (3rd and 1). The Atlanta game really upset me, too. I hope all of you who wanted to see Lance Dunbar and Phillip Tanner enjoyed that game. Lance Dunbar is a developmental practice squad player for special teams. Phillip Tanner is a special teams player. Baltimore received a huge gift, too. There is no need to replay it, because you all saw what happened.

    This is a sloppy, undisciplined, erratic football team; and Jason Garrett and overall coaching is the primary reason. This team still has no identity. The blame goes all the way up to the front office, led by Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones.

    The wide receivers on this team are good players, but they are overrated. Miles Austin is waaaay overpaid. The TE is a future Hall of Fame player. The LT is a young stud. Dallas should be able to win with the QB, but overall coaching has failed him, imo. If the Cowboys want any prayer of going 5-1 in the division and making a run, they better run the football 25-30 times a game. They better not take Cleveland lightly, either. The Cowboys better establish Felix Jones by handing him the football and opening lanes, or they will probably be in trouble.
  18. Bluestang

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    I bet the coaches were just itching to put Felix back in the game after that costly fumble with a little less than 7 mins in the game.

    The offense could have milked the clocked if he just holds onto the ball and scored at a minimum a FG for the go ahead score leaving Eli no time to catch up.

    Your guy had 5 fumbles last year and tied the league in that stat last season being a part-time player.

    I'm pretty sure the following week in ATL the coaches didn't forget Jones' fumble and monitored his snaps.

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