News: FWST: Cowboys arguably should cut Josh Brent, but he’s no Aaron Hernandez

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jun 27, 2013.

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    By Mac Engel

    [​IMG] When now former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez walked into a court room Wednesday before being charged with murder, a lot of people asked why the Dallas Cowboys have not cut their own disgraced player.
    Josh Brent may be a lot of things, and the circumstances of his transgression are tragically stupid, but he is not Aaron Hernandez or Rae Carruth.

    There are plenty of comparisons to be made between Hernandez and Brent, and many reasons to release one or both from their respective franchises. Yet there is one distinct difference between these two shamed players: Hernandez’s actions are allegedly premeditated while Brent’s were the result of negligence and supreme arrogance.

    Only one of these men can claim what they did was an accident, which is what keeps Brent as a distant member of the Dallas Cowboys.

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    I agree that Brent should be cut instead of "waiting to see how things play out". It sends the wrong message to the rest of the team that he can get a DUI and even kill a teammate and still not be shown the door. They could still support him with counseling and contact with the team without being an actual member of the team. The Hernandez situation is completely different from Brent's due to the nature of the offense but the end result for the player should be the same.
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    Just replying to this because the new format merged the title with the above poster and read as "FWST Cowboys Should Arguably Go4Two"

    And I just thought, it's way too early in the game season to consider doing that, Mac Engel. But that takes guts! We could use you at Valley Ranch!
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    Mac Engel looks like he takes himself more seriously than I tend to take him. What's up with that headshot, Mac? It's kind of creepy.
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    I dont see Brent ever playing for the Cowboys again, I think the reason for not cutting him is more of just allowing the legal process to be completed, and providing support.
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    He just went back to jail today for another failed drug test per the ticker line on sportscenter.
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    Looks like one of the mugshots they put up for the upcoming match on WWE.
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    Apples and oranges, but they're both rotten fruit.
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    Brown's Mom asked Jerry to support Brent thru all this and Jerry and the team said they would. Brown's Mom considers Brent as her son. What else were the Cowboys going to do? Not only are the doing the right thing there but they don't have to worry about being the heavy in this. The NFL will do that for the Cowboys. I can understand the anger some have but you honor his mom and support your friend. Supporting a friend who's done wrong isn't the same as condoning their behavior or enabling them. You wouldn't be much of a friend if you abandoned them when they needed you the most. Brent will pay for his mistake the rest of his life; not just his debt to justice. He caused the death of his best friend. What an unimaginable burden to carry with you thru life.
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    Exactly - at some point you need to be able to put 2 and 2 together to figure out he's not the sharpest tool in the deck.

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    I think the saying ends with "shed".

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    Which is why I ended with a ;)
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    You get a like for that...

    Don't really get the whole "like" thing, but ...sure.
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