News: FWST: Cowboys' CB Carr says this is "the most important week" of season for team

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    Cowboys' CB Carr says this is "the most important week" of season for team with Giants looming
    by Jimmy Burch

    Cornerback Brandon Carr has yet to play his first regular-season game as a Dallas Cowboy. But he understands the stakes involved in Wednesday’s opener against the New York Giants, the team that defeated Dallas in a winner-take-all battle for last year’s NFC East title in the final game of the 2011 season, then used that momentum to sweep through the playoffs and win the Super Bowl.

    “Make no mistake about it. This is the most important week for the Dallas Cowboys. It’s as simple as that,” said Carr, who signed a five-year, $50.1 million free-agent deal in the off-season to become the Cowboys’ shutdown cornerback. “We’re going to New York and they won it all last year. They have it right now. So, that’s the goal (to win a championship).

    “It’s a chance for both teams to pretty much go out there and set the tone for the division. And show the whole world all the work and commitment and sacrifice we put into this whole off-season. We want to play our best, prepare our best ... I’m pumped for it. I’m trying to keep myself as level as I can right now. But come Wednesday afternoon, it’s on. Just put it like that. It’s on.”...

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    Best attitude of any cowboy corner since??? I probably wasn't even born.

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