News: FWST: Cowboys felt that Ryan's schemes were unsound at times and his philosophy...

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 8, 2013.

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    Clarence Hill

    According to a source, the reviews of now-fired defensive coordinator Rob Ryan weren't good, despite him having to play with an injury-riddled unit.

    The Cowboys found that his schemes and philosophy at times were unsound. They also felt he was inconsistent in his attack, considering he blitzed too much in his first season and got burned because poor play in the secondary. The Cowboys gave up 3,906 yards through the air, the most passing yards allowed in team history in 2011.

    They made moves in the offseason to upgrade the personnel, namely the addition of cover corners Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne, to improve the pass defense so Ryan could play his aggressive style.

    Yet Ryan rarely blitzed and chose to play conservatively in 2012 as opponents averaged 355.4 yards per game, the most in team history The Cowboys allowed an average of 22.4 points per game. They had 34 sacks, seven interceptions and nine forced fumbles. The 16 turnovers were a franchise low.

  2. CowboysYanksLakers

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    I would take Romeo Crannel in a NY minute!!!!!!
  3. plymkr

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    Me too
  4. batman36

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    His easy going personality would probably mesh well with Garretts, too.
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    Even when the D was healthy, we all saw the defense wasn't improved despite new and talented corners.

    Sure, the injuries caved it all in, but he was acting crazy at times with his calling out other teams and then our defense getting drilled.

    He is a wackjob.

    And he never has ANY sucess anywhere else. He got a shot because of his name Ryan.

    That's all.

    Whatever. Dead wood.

    :bow: RedBaLL ExPreSS:bow:
  6. FLcowboy

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    Couldn't agree more. I thought he was a bust after the Seattle game. How many rookie qbs ran roughshod over the Cowboys?
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    Ugh, please no Romeo. His defenses have been mediocre at best since he left Belichick. He hasn't had a single defense in the Top 10 in points allowed in any those years, and about 4 that were ranked in the 20s.

    I'm for Lovie and a 4-3 at this point. I think the 4-3 and getting as many guys running 4.4 on the field as possible is going to be how the NFL attacks the Chris Ault/Pistol/Chip Kelly offensive schemes that are about to start invading the league.
  8. Redball Express

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    was unprepared and unprofessional.


    Lovie in

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    I think Lovie is the best choice out there. He would bring and attack mentality to the Big D defense....
  10. LeonDixson

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    I'll join those hoping for Lovie. I'd take Horton too. He started in Arizona the same year Ryan started here. We all lamented the fact that, because of the lockout, Ryan didn't have time to implement his scheme. But Horton had the same disadvantage and his defense was very good.
  11. AKATheRake

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    He is.

    We would have to go 4-3 though and we do already utilize the scheme in a decent percentage of our plays.

    He may get a HC job elsewhere though.
  12. Marktui

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    Bryan Broaddus and Stretch Smith also said the same things during the season about some of Ryan's schemes. He said that he almost tried to get too cute at times with the way he line the guys up to make himself look innovative. Also various times when personnel would run onto the field last minute and look confused.
  13. MichaelWinicki

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    All-day this.
  14. Wood

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    and hopefully a few bears defensive FA. The Bears have huge amount of expiring contracts and will lose some key people.
  15. RXP

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    I'm going off he board and throwing my support behind Dom Capers, whose contract apparantly expires after this year.

    He and Garrett are pals.

    Capers would be the best choice, IMO.

    Find a big NT and a ballhawk safety. If you can then stay healthy, you have a dominant defense with Capers at the helm without starting from scratch changing to a 4-3.
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  17. btcutter

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    Players make coaches look good or bad.

    We had Wade as DC too. Look at our D then..... We have never generated many TO. It's the players...that's the common denominator.

    I am not saying a new DC isn't needed. Any time we can upgrade we should but let's not hang all the coaches out to dry.
  18. 17yearsandcounting

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    Its comical that this stuff is coming out after the fact.

    Its all smoke and mirrors to keep you talking about the defense while the offensive mess continues with the status quo.
  19. cowboys1981

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    Couldn't this argument apply to our offense and team in general. The disappointment from this season stemmed from a lack of focus. It's exactly why we got blown out by both SEA and CHI when we did have all of our starters. The poor game management has to be addressed as well.
  20. xwalker

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    Bears Unrestricted Free Agents:
    Israel Idonije CHI
    Henry Melton CHI
    Amobi Okoye CHI
    Geno Hayes CHI
    Nick Roach CHI
    Brian Urlacher CHI
    Zackary Bowman CHI
    Kelvin Hayden CHI
    D.J. Moore CHI
    Olindo Mare CHI
    Armando Allen CHI
    Cheta Ozougwu CHI
    Jason Campbell CHI
    Josh McCown CHI
    Kahlil Bell CHI
    Johnny Knox CHI
    Patrick Mannelly CHI
    Jonathan Scott CHI
    Lance Louis CHI
    Chilo Rachal CHI
    Chris Spencer CHI

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