News: FWST: Cowboys hot routes: Five views with RB coach Skip Peete (NOTES)

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    By Clarence E. Hill Jr.

    Running backs coach Skip Peete is a native of Phoenix who spent nine years with the Oakland Raiders before joining the Dallas Cowboys.

    So it figures he would be a good authority on comparing Tex-Mex to California-style Mexican food.

    But Peete claims to be no restaurant critic because he gets authentic Mexican dishes at home. Besides, he said no restaurant could ever stand up to the in-house critique.

    "I get them all at home because my wife is Latina, so I very seldom go to Mexican restaurants," Peete said. "I eat that at home. They all make it. I am accustomed to coming home and seeing some Mexican dish being made. And you got to be careful which Mexican restaurants you go to because they will get critiqued. It never measures up."

    Peete's five favorite Mexican foods

    1. Beef tamales
    2. Beef enchiladas
    3. Spanish rice
    4. Guacamole salsa and chips 5. Beef tacos

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