News: FWST: Cowboys like Cook's ability to play center as well as his versatility

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    -- Charean Williams

    The Cowboys don't yet know if Ryan Cook can help them immediately, but they are counting on him being a good addition this season. Cowboys Jason Garrett said it is too early to tell whether Cook can be ready to be the backup center on Wednesday night.

    Cook arrived at Valley Ranch on Friday after the Cowboys traded a 2013 seventh-round pick to the Dolphins for him. He got his Ipad then and will have his first practice later as a Cowboy today.

    "He's a versatile player, first and foremost," Garrett said. "He's played center, guard and tackle in this league. He was a second-round pick. He's a veteran. He's a good-size guy. He's smart. We've liked him. We've evaluated him in the past when he was available, and we keep an eye on those kinds of guys. We understood that there was going to be a little bit of a glut down there of offensive linemen, and he might be available to us. Again, we evaluated him the other night in the ball game that he played against us. We're going to try to get him in here and see how he fits. He does have history and experience snapping the football, and that's certainly an asset for him. But his position flex throughout the offensive line and his experience as an offensive lineman certainly helps him."


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