News: FWST: Cowboys liked Murray's power at Senior Bowl last year

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    -- Carlos Mendez

    Cowboys liked Murray's power at Senior Bowl last year, and Jerry says it's what separates him from Felix Jones now

    The NFL Network experts are giving DeMarco Murray credit for raising his stock at last year’s Senior Bowl, and to the Cowboys for drafting him.
    Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said it was Murray’s strength inside the tackles that made a difference.

    “We knew he could be physical. We did not know he could run between the tackles,” Jones said in an interview with the NFL Network this week. “We didn’t see that a lot. But we knew he had the speed, could block, protect, and knew that he could really catch the ball.”

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    We know it now, so let's upgrade the talent for him to run behind. OG's anyone?
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    I would love to see this kid pounding the rock with Nicks and DeCastro at the guard positions. I seriously think he would win the NFL rushing title if he stayed healthy for the full season. This offense would be special.
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    I like the sound of that. I love this kid. When he went down I knew the season was most likely over. Peopke talk about Dez being a beast. This kid is a beast! He has a combination of everything you could look for in a rb.
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    First, Murray is listed at 227. Felix Jones is listed at 217. You do the math.

    Dallas' weights are said to be accurate on the team website according to Vela.

    Second, Felix Jones is one of the most elusive running backs in the NFL. Jones has an elite level of elusive ability (speed and quickness and agility) and power. Jones is the faster, quicker, and more explosive player. Jones' explosion through the hole is rare in the NFL, and Jones can make multiple types of cuts and multiple cuts on any given run. Jones hits the seam in the hole at full speed. Furthermore, Jones cuts at one speed, real fast.

    Hopefully, Bill Callahan will see Felix Jones clearly outplaying Murray against the Cardinals and Giants when the conditions were the same. Jones' first carry in the Giants game (a 26 yard inside run on counter trey) eclipsed Murray's 5 rush total in the game. Jones made three Giants miss. Hopefully, Bill Callahan will see Jones' games against Washington, New York, and Tampa Bay and see what Jones can do when he has just a little bit of room.

    Having Felix Jones average 3.3 rushes per game during Murray's three game Redskins, Dolphins, and Cardinals stretch (where Murray only averaged 3.35 YPC) was beyond ridiculous. Furthermore, it helped cost Dallas the Cardinals game. Jones (6-36, 6.0 YPC) Murray (12-38, 3.16) Instead, you watched 47 passes and bomb after bomb after bomb.. L In 2010, Jones rushed 16-77 (4.8 YPC) at Arizona. In the Miami game, Jones received 0 rushes while Murray only averaged 3.5 YPC on his first 17 rushes (17-60). The game was decided by a FG.

    Coach Callahan, please free Felix Jones from jail. Yet, again...
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    Agreed. But, Murray is a very, very good back too. The O line let the team down by getting worse as the season progressed. Both backs will benefit from better line play.

    They could be a very potent one-two punch in the near future. I'm thinking along the lines of Stewart and Williams in Carolina from 2010.

    If we can get that level of production this team will go deep in the playoffs very soon.
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    I told everyone that Felix Jones was going to find some of that improved run blocking and find some of those holes when he came back and had an opportunity to run the football.

    If Tony Fiammetta equals John Phillps' effort on blocking Jason-Pierre Paul (on bend-x, 3rd and 5), the Cowboys are probably going to win the division. Free and Austin had the edge sealed, and Jones would have gained the first down and probably much more.

    @ Arizona 6-36 (6.0 YPC)

    New York 16-106 (6.62 YPC) 137 Total Yards 22 Touches

    @Tampa Bay 22-108 (4.90 YPC) 131 Total Yards 25 Touches

    The Jets result helped prevent Jones from hanging his third straight 100 yard game on his ledger. Jones looked great running inside on his four rushes (4-24) 6.0 YPC.

    The game Felix Jones played against Washington was the best game by a Cowboys running in 2011 (when level of difficulty is a key variable).

    14-115 (8.2 YPC) 17 Touches 155 Total Yards

    I object to Jerry Jones talking down about Felix Jones when compared to Murray, because I can take Jones' strengths, as a running back, and go right back at Murray. By the way, Jones rushed 146-902 (6.17 YPC) in 2009 (including the playoffs). Jones averaged 3.3 yards per carry after contact in 2009, too. Felix was the 3rd leading rusher in the playoffs despite only playing 2 games.

    Again, I'm hoping Bill Callahan brings the Monopoly get out of jail card and gives it to Felix. Also, I hope Callahan helps bring in Carl Nicks (if possible), because Felix put up the best game by a running back at Raymond James Stadium this year. Jones was running behind my guy Tyron Smith. I think Felix will be looking to rip off some more 56 yard runs behind those two.
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    I agree. Murray is a good back, but he isn't the super player that the media and some fans have hyped him up to be. I mean Jerry Jones threw out the name Eric Dickerson... Also, I think the NFL was starting to catch up to Murray's 1 cutback style, too. The coaches were not going to feed Jones the football again if Murray doesn't get hurt, so they need to be held accountable. No one else cares to do it (Dallas media or fans), so I'll do it. 0 rushes against the Dolphins... "That was unfortunate"...Skip Peete...Yeah...Gotcha ya... wink...I hold Jason Garrett directly responsible.

    That is simply unacceptable.

    I expect our coaches and Garrett himself to be smarter than all the former Barber and Choice fans and the extremely biased Dallas media (against Felix Jones). It was Felix Jones' 800 rushing yards (behind a significantly deteriorated offensive line and horrendous right side) and 1250 total yards that helped secure Garrett this job to start with.

    Jones doesn't absolutely need the fullback, either. In fact, getting the fullback out of the way allows Jones to use his outstanding vision better and pick a hole that he likes (according to Brian Baldinger). Jones was extremely explosive without the fullback against New York and Tampa Bay. The Cowboys need to analyze which runs to use the fullback with Jones. They have 4 years of tape.

    You certainly have more respect for Felix Jones than most seem to have, so I like you already. I agree, both backs complement one another very well. Bill Callahan is on record saying this, and he seemed very excited about both "young backs", not just Murray. Carolina does have two very good backs.
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    What separates Al Davis from Jerry Jones?

    Al Davis is actually a Hall of Fame football executive and general manager/owner, and he built a long standing dynasty. Davis actually coached the Raiders and understood how to run a football team and build a consistent winning organization. Also, Davis surrounded himself with talented football personnel evaluators. (see Ron Wolf and Mike Lombardi)

    From 1967-1985, the Raiders won their division 13 times, won 3 Super Bowls, won the 1967 AFL Championship, and made the playoffs 15 times.

    Davis wasn't perfect, because he appeared to stay in power way too long. However, he did accomplish his motto, "just win, baby". Jon Gruden was able to resurrect the Raiders in the very early 2000s, and the team went on a mini good run before the "Dark Years" of 2003-2010 under Davis.

    Without Jimmy Johnson's significant contribution in coaching and personnel, what has Jerry Jones accomplished in regards to winning at Al Davis' level?
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    We'll find out next year.
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    I can't disagree with a word of that.
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    Barry and Jerry "Did it our way, Baby!" ;)
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    The Raiders own 3 Super Bowl titles in 52 seasons. The Cowboys under Jerry own 3 Super Bowl titles in 22 seasons. I like our odds off adding to that total before 30 years go by. In fact, I like our odds to add a couple in the next 5 years. Last I checked, around 1988 and 1989 Al Davis was hiring Mike Shanahan and Art Shell. Perhaps he should have gone after Jimmy Johnson.
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    This is a random comment that doesn't appear to have anything to do with the Senior Bowl or any other topic being discussed in the thread. I am guessing it is an advertisement for proof of your support of Felix Jones.
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    Hey, at least I'm not trollishly bashing the team, right?
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    Felix is a good back but Murray is going to be a stud RB that can handle 20 carries a game. Felix is a great change of pace guy to be used on sweeps and screens in the open field. They compliment each other very well IMO.

    If we can improve our interior OL, which I think we will, we should have one of the better rushing attacks in the league.

    Felix is no way a scrub and needs to be utilized. He is a weapon that can score from anywhere on the field.
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    I guess.

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