News: FWST: Derek Dooley WRs coach, the fourth assistant with head coaching experience

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    -- Charean Williams

    The Cowboys are expected to hire Derek Dooley as their new receivers coach. Dooley, the son of Vince Dooley, was fired as the head coach of the University of Tennessee on Nov. 18. He was 15-21 in his three seasons with the Vols, with three consecutive losing seasons. Dooley also previously was head coach at Louisiana Tech, where he went 17-20 in three seasons.

    Dooley, 44, replaces Jimmy Robinson, who could remain with the team in another role, possibly as a consultant. Robinson was not seen at the Senior Bowl, and owner Jerry Jones told reporters that if Robinson is "not involved, it's not because of his skills, it's more because of his own personal interest."

    Dooley will be the fourth Cowboys assistant coach with head coaching experience. New defensive line coach Rob Marinelli was the head coach of the Detroit Lions (2006-08), new defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin was the head coach at North Carolina State (1980-82) and offensive line coach Bill Callahan was the head coach of the Oakland Raiders (2002-03) and the University of Nebraska (2004-07).

    The Cowboys still have two positions to fill. Assistant offensive line coach Wes Phillips could take over as tight ends coach, replacing John Garrett, who has left for Tampa Bay, and Sam Gash was interviewed for the running backs job to replace the departed Skip Peete, who now is in Chicago.

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    I know that the scouts are collecting their information, but maybe Dooley can add some insight into the SEC players he faced while at Tennessee.
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    Complete tool and a flop at UT while he was here... I pray he's passed by....really.
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    So Callahan is going to be the playcaller, offensive line coach, offensive coordinator?
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    I don't think anybody really know what's going on.
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    This. The team seems to be keeping it's plans pretty close to the vest and the media is just speculating about who might be coaching what on the offense. It's odd to me that they keep announcing new coaches for us, yet there is no official word of their hiring. The articles all just say, "The Cowboys are expected to hire..."
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    If he is hired it will be as a WR coach not a HC. Claiming him as a flop as a HC at Tenn I agree but that does not tell you what kind of position coach he is.
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    Having dealt with him on a personal level, I can tell you that he was an abject failure in virtually every facet of his job. Like his predecessor at UT, he is riding on Dad's reputation. Not to sound too snippy, but you're wrong: your statement should read that his tenure as HC at UT doesn't tell you what kind of position coach he told me plenty, and it's based on more than just his hayseed act.
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    Saban seem to think he could be a good position coach and hired him at Miami to be part of this staff. I'm not sure what kind of interaction you had with him for me I will see what he does as a WR coach in Dallas. I respect Saban ability as a coach and would not think he would hire clowns on his team.

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