News: FWST: Detroit Lions have hard time away from home

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    By Jan Hubbard


    IRVING -- The ideal companion will be coming to Arlington on Sunday to dance with the Dallas Cowboys.

    Perhaps there is a team even more inept on the road than the Detroit Lions, but if so, it's not in the NFL.

    In their last 25 trips to opposing stadiums, the Lions have been as friendly as a fried turkey at Thanksgiving. They are a delicious main course. They are perfect guests.

    Their road record during that stretch is 0-25 and they obviously are equal-opportunity feeders. They lose to all teams -- good and bad.

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    Don't care what Lions' road record but if Wade was still our HC, have no doubt the Lions would win their first record game in several years.

    Fortunately Garrett's now our HC, so we've got a good chance to win our first home game this season. Of course, that assume our Cowboys remain highly motivated & really to work their tails off. However, nothing is guaranteed. All we can do is keep our fingers crossed & hope the flame which started burning against the Giants continues against the Lions. Here's hoping we win our 2nd consecutive game in a row. Go Cowboys.

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