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    Clarence Hill

    Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was good, very good in the 24-17 victory against the Giants.

    Some who have been overly critical of Romo in the past are calling it the best performance of his career.

    But let’s not be a prisoner of the moment. Romo has been better at least five other times in his career from a statistical standpoint.

    Let’s all remember that he probably should have had two interceptions but Giants cornerback Corey Webster dropped a Larry Brown-like pick that came right to him.

    But hey things like that happen.

    It happened the other way in the fateful 34-27 loss to the Giants last December 11. A darn near perfect game by Romo was spoiled because the Giants rallied for two touchdowns in the final three minutes.

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  2. rocboy22

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    I agree. These media morons acting like this was Romo's best game ever are ridiculous.
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    Real football fans, answer this honestely. The honest answer speaks to the greatness of Romo. How many QBs could have performed at that level working behind that OL with Ogletree as your 3rd rec and your go to guy a shell of himself. The list is very very short list.
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    I know it drives me crazy, they keep acting its his best performance ever and that he's finally figured it out......we see this Romo all the the rest of the team on the other hand...they finally matched his resolve...
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    We've seen many big games from Tony of course, but he was so obviously in command that game that it did seen extraordinary.

    My wife and i both commented on it, he was totally in control, unfazed by the rush, athletic, keeping his teammates focused, it was a heck of a performance.
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    Dropping the extra point against Seattle still haunts Romo? Only when you are a Dallas Cowboy!

    We have made the playoffs since then

    We have faced and BEAT Seattle since then

    Romo has been to Pro Bowls since then

    He is married with children since then

    He got a huge contract since then

    We have had 2 head coaches since then

    We have won a playoff game since then

    Romo no longer holds for extra points since then

    I mean really still haunting Romo?
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    Hey I did a thread on this very exact thing, guy trying to steal my thunder.......j/k
    Atleast he's apparently watched some Dallas games becore
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    I disagree with two points C-Dog. You posit too many "what-ifs" in your analysis. Webster's two supposed picks did not happen. Church's almost pick could have buried the Gnats. I make a living off of "what ifs." Does that contribute to sound and factual journalism? Tony stepped up and did his job. "What ifs" are for armchair QBs.
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    This may have been Romo's best "mental" game he has played but not statistically. He looked more focused then he ever has, you could see it in his eyes.

    I think the team finally caught up with Romo, not Romo stepping up. We always knew he was a special player and the public never got to see it because he had an incomplete team around him, not to mention the media putting thoughts into the casual fans minds.
  10. MoClaiborne24

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    I think the media is saying this was his best game because they don't want to acknowledge how great he has been all along... or maybe that's their way of saying that it was a big game?

    Who knows, I don't think they realize how dumb they look saying this crap.
  11. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Pretty good article... People are always prisoners of the moment though.

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