News: FWST: Ex-Bucs discuss Cowboys transition to Tampa 2

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    -- Charean Williams

    The key to Kiffin's Tampa 2 is the 3-technique, the defensive tackle position Warren Sapp made famous in his nine years with the Bucs.

    "They’re about to turn a 3-4 team back into what?" Sapp said. "Now who is the motor in that 3-4? Because it’s got to be the 3-technique."

    Jason Hatcher would have to play the part of Sapp, one of 15 finalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The top 3-technique in the draft is Utah's Starlite Lotulelei, according to CBS Sports draft analyst Dane Brugler.

    "[Derrick] Brooks and I always joke about it," former Bucs safety John Lynch said. "We tell the story where Tony [Dungy] once told us, 'I want to make something very clear: You and Derrick are wonderful players. I think you're Hall of Fame players. But this defense doesn’t work without this guy [Sapp]. This is where it all starts.' He went back to the roots of the defense with Mean Joe Greene. I think that’s where it all starts on that defense. When you have a guy in that particular system who is wreaking havoc, it’s tough to deal with."

    After the 3-technique, it's the WILL and the strong safety who are most important in Kiffin's defense. That was Brooks and Lynch. In Dallas, it will be Bruce Carter and Barry Church as it stands now.

    "It starts at the ball and works right down the middle," Dungy said. "They’re all important, but in order, I think it would be the 3-technique, that dominating weakside linebacker and the safety. That’s what you have to put in place to have that system be great. So to me that’s where if they do want to do that, they’re probably a couple of drafts away. They’ve got some dominating players. They’ve got two corners who are going to be big-time players. They’ve got two outside linebackers who are tremendous. But they don’t have what this system takes. That’s why I will be curious to see what they end up doing."

    One thing the ex Bucs agree on is: DeMarcus Ware will be fine with whatever system he is in. He currently is an outside linebacker but would be an end with his hand on the ground in a 4-3. Brooks said Ware's job will be simple: Rush the passer. Ware no longer will be asked to drop into coverage.

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    A few thoughts ...

    * I'm surprised they list the WLB as more important than the MLB who has to cover the deep middle.

    * If the 3 DT is so important then it makes me think that may be the top of their FA/Draft list if the right guy is there.

    * I'd hope the 4-3 will keep Carter/Lee from having to take on so many interior linemen and hopefully help keep them healthy.
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    0 Likes Received we need a great tackle and a great safety....which we don't have :bang2: :bang2: :bang2: :bang2:
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    But even if we stayed in the 34 we would have needed that.
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    Wouldn't Ratliff play the role of Sapp though?
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    Current media speculation is that Ratliff plays the 1-technique and Hatcher would be the 3-technique.

    We would probably have to dip into FA and/or draft the 3-technique to make it work. According to Dungy, etc.
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    That's what I think. I'm not sure why everyone is saying Hatcher in that role.
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    I think Rat can play the 3 or the 1. I think Hatcher can play the 3. I suspect Crawford might do well at the 3 and I also think Lissi can play the 3 some. There's a rotation. I think Crawford can play the 5 or the 3 as can Hatcher.
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    Hatcher is 30 years old. He is getting up there in age , we have no depth the way it is along the defensive line the way it is. Just connect the dots, we will be drafting a 3 tech defensive lineman in the first round.

    Sheldon Richardson, Shariff Floyd, Jesse Williams, John Jenkins. I'm not sure which fits the 3 tech the best but one of them will be a Cowboys come April. My guess is Shariff Floyd.
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    I always end up finding I have similar takes as yours. This is spot on.
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    I still think Brent will be back.
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    I don't the Jon Jenkins can 3 tech. IMO Richardson is 3 tech DT in the draft. I still don't see why everyone is putting rat at the 1 tech. He was born to play the 3 tech.
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    This makes me think the first 3 rounds are gonna be 3 tech DT, strong safety, and O-lineman.
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    Based on that, Dungy is probably right about needing a couple of drafts to pull off the transition.

    Interesting to see Ernie Sims' name called out as a perfect WLB in the Tampa-2.
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    Dungy isn't at all familiar with the players we have on the cowboys other than the big name stars.

    He probably didn't see any of Bruce Carter, who is certainly going to be that weakside linebacker.

    We have plenty of guys to play the 3 technique. How did Sapp do when he played in the 3-4. Certainly wasn't an all star.

    Ratliff can certainly be a 3 technique. So can Lissemore, and probably Crawford. Even Hatcher could have a lot of success at it. We have plenty of defensive tackle candidates on this team already... it's stunning how they are being ignored.
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    That would shock the heck put of me.
  18. Galian Beast

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    Dungy has no idea what he is talking about here. Which isn't surprising in the least.

    We have PLENTY of players who will excel at the 3 technique. Bruce Carter will also make a great weak side linebacker.

    We do need a safety though, but I think Matt Johnson will also get a chance to show what he has.
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    I thought Jason Hatcher was great this season.

    I think we need a really good safety and somebody to play the strongside DE. Then we'll be fine.

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    Why? Jerry Browns mother could play a very big role in what happens to him. Not to mention, I believe previous offenses don't cross state lines. I really don't understand how anyone can be upset over this after what the kids mother said. The only person this truly impacted was her and we've all heard what she has to say. That's not to say he doesn't get his license suspended and probation. There are a lot of ways Brent could turn what happened into help for others.

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