News: FWST: Felix says Dez Bryant is 'going to keep his head up,' use arrest as motivation

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jul 24, 2012.

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    -- Carlos Mendez

    Felix Jones said Dez Bryant’s arrest last week following a domestic violence call won’t slow the Cowboys receiver.

    “I know Dez. He’s going to keep his head up,” Jones told reporters Monday at the Salvation Army’s Mabee Center in Fort Worth, where helped dedicate the opening of a children’s fitness center. “I’m praying for him. I know he’ll pull through.”

    Asked if the circumstances will affect Bryant’s preparation for the season, Jones said, “Not at all. He’s going to use that as a motivation, and he’s going to keep on ticking and being the best player.”

    Jones said he’ll be ready to practice after offseason shoulder surgery that kept him out of much of the offseason work.

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  2. Trendnet

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    I wonder if Gil LeBreton will come along and say Felix Jones statements are a tacit endorsement of domestic violence.
  3. erod

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    Translation: "Man, this is nothing. Dez does stuff like this all the time, and you just don't know about it."
  4. LittleD

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    hear some "humble pie" apologies from Dez himself about his situation. These ignorant bozo's must learn that as a pro, you just can't sweep everything under the rug. Time to man up and pay the piper.

    Come on Commish: time to fine and suspend...
  5. JustDezIt

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    i hope
  6. LittleD

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    According to reports, this is not the first time Dez has had run-ins with his brother and mother. If he was smart ( he isn't), he would have stayed way clear of all that posse. By entering the lion's den again, he invited what has happened to him. I hold no sympathy for anyone putting his hands on a relative.

    He should get what he deserves: fine and suspension for 2 games.
  7. DallasEast

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    If-or-when the commissioner does act, it will be with more forethought than neither his critics nor opportunistic prejudgers give him credit for.
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    NONE of us know ALL the facts....but as an outside seems like Dez cannot win in this situation....which is why MANY teams took him off their board.

    He has a mother...who had him when she was around 14 or 15....who has been arrested 17 times....who has used, abused and sold drugs....and who pretty much has not been much of a mother at all.

    We are hearing that the most consistency she has shown in being a part of his AFTER he has made the NFL. So now he is now the breadwinner for everyone....which means he needs to walk the straight and narrow...not only for himself...but for many others as well.....and we are hearing that she brought or allowed drugs to be brought around him while he was visiting his "family". So did he smack his mother or brother over the head with his baseball cap saying "why on earth would you bring this around me...if the cops come in here no matter whose drugs they are, they will become mine because I am the biggest fish in the room". Perhaps this is how it went down. Perhaps he showed some frustration because his family does not realize that they should be the last people who sabatoge their own meal ticket.

    So what is Dez choice...distance himself from his family? Which will cause all kinds of problems he probably is not prepared to handle....or continue to try and help them...which exposes him to what just took place.

    This is why some people took him and players like him off their boards.

    But we are all in at this point...we let Laurent walk...we have not brought in another veteran...and we ware counting on Miles and Dez to carry this WR corps. Which is a shaky proposition when you consider Miles injury history...and Dez inability to handle all of his responsibilites on AND off the field
  9. CowboyMike

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    Man, just stop. Everyone is tired of your crap.
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    This message is hidden because erod is on your ignore list.

  11. jazzcat22

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    Good post.....that was along my line of thoughts from the start.
    Maybe not that exact scenario, but the same line of thought.
  12. DallasEast

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    You're asking him to stop? That may not be wise.

    Ever see someone's real-life reaction after being asked to stop doing something totally unnecessary that they feel really passion about? I have. Take a look, but I must warn you that this is graphic. Reader discretion is advised...


    Now, after seeing that, do you really want him to stop? Do you? Have a heart.
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    crap like that is what keeps me from posting more. i just get frutrated with all the constant badgering and if you lash out, you get in trouble, deleted, or both.

    just not worth it really.
  14. Doomsday101

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    Really do not see how this is a motivator. I would think Dez will want to get this behind him as quickly as he can and not say much about it afterwards.
  15. wittenacious

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    How easy would it be for you to stay away from your family. I am estranged from mine but yet I still reach out every year. The one thing Dez did not have was a stable family while growing up and I bet that is one raw nerve because I think that he is trying to make up time and that right there is a fault. He is trying to help his family and it may ultimately be his undoing
  18. TheCoolFan

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    Use an arrest for motivation? :lmao2:
  19. LittleD

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    If you know you've had problems in the past and drugs have been an issue, why put yourself in that situation. Make a phonecall if you have to reach out. Obviously, he has an anger management problem that has manifested before at some point. He is just courting danger by going to his mother's home where drugs might be. He has to grow up and be smarter...

    After the Commish suspends him for 2 games and more of his money gets flushed, he might get it. Domestic Violence by anyone, anytime is no joke.
  20. erod

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    Whatever you say, blue Kool-Aid man. Just bury your head in the sand. That's always worked for so many.

    Dez is almost through this. Now, can he make it to January without three more? Tune in and find out.

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