News: FWST: Five things to ponder for the Cowboys as they go camping

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    Posted Monday, Jul. 25, 2011

    When the Cowboys open training camp Wednesday, there will be storylines aplenty, foreseen and unforeseen. But for now, here are five areas to keep an eye on from the time the first horn blows until the trucks are loaded again for the trip back to Valley Ranch.

    1 Romo's leadership. It sounds like a Disney movie. Star quarterback is injured, watches the backup impress everybody with tons of passion, vows to come back and take charge, then shows his own leadership. That was Tony Romo's past nine months. But since healing from a broken collarbone, he organized practices during the lockout and gained the notice of his teammates. In training camp, the questions are: Will he take charge again? And now that he's healthy, will he be sharp?

    2 Bryant's maturity. The Cowboys sure can use what Dez Bryant can deliver -- big plays. But for NFL receivers, big plays are born of timing, precision and preparation. And none of those come without discipline and maturity, two areas the Cowboys hope to see a lot of growth from their 22-year-old budding star. The Cowboys think he's on his way. Bryant promises that he is. But people mature at different rates. Who can really know when it will happen for the Cowboys' most physically gifted No. 88 ever?


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