News: FWST: Following long layoff, Cowboys ready to work

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    Posted Monday, Jul. 25, 2011
    By Carlos Mendez

    Stephen Bowen, one of the Dallas Cowboys' unsigned free agents, knows where he would feel comfortable playing this season.

    Right next to linebacker DeMarcus Ware.

    That's one of the reasons the defensive end would prefer to re-sign with the Cowboys, who are free to begin negotiating with him and other free agents at 10 a.m. today as team facilities open across the NFL.

    "DeMarcus Ware and I have been working every weekend, just me and him, just talking about getting on the field, rushing the passer, about the things we can do this year to disrupt people, especially on third down -- we would be on the same side," Bowen said

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    It sure sounds like Bowen is planning on being a major factor with the Cowboys this season and not somewhere else. From what Rob Ryan had to say about him being so impressive a while back, I'd say Bowen is absolutely correct. In fact, his being upgraded to the status of starting DE wouldn't exactly be a surprising development either. We already know he can rush the passer. I'm just hoping he proves himself capable as a run stopper.
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    Very encouraging stuff. This is the 2st time I've heard about Bowen and Ware working together every weekend.

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