News: FWST: For convenience sake, you can't beat Fort Worth for the next Super Bowl

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    By Mac Engel

    The New York Giants have yet another Lombardi Trophy but, by all accounts, Indianapolis won the Super Bowl.

    This may be the greatest upset of 'em all: Indianapolis, Ind., crushed North Texas in Super Bowl party planning and execution.

    This development is rich with irony, and not the good kind of rich.

    It was North Texas that originally defeated Indianapolis to host the 2011 Super Bowl. When the NFL gave Indy the Super Bowl, it did so for the season that was threatened by a prolonged lockout.

    It really, however, came down to this: one NFL executive bemoaned to me several years ago at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, "What the hell is there to do here? We already have to come here for the Combine."

    When informed that I was raised in Indianapolis, the executive said, "No offense."

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    Disagree. The city of Dallas is easily much better for this event than any other city in the metroplex. Dallas has DART, more hotel rooms, more entertainment spots, more shopping, and more restaurants than Fort Worth and it isn't close. Fort Worth has Sundance square, but it is very small.
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    I disagree. Dallas is a dump. It's scary to be down there after dark and it's a mess for parking and driving. Fort Worth is lit up, free parking, and ver friendly and safe.
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    I live just outside of DFW. I'm closer to Fort Worth, but all the major entertainment events are in Dallas. Driving to Dallas and dealing with the freeways is a much bigger hassle than what you deal with in Fort Worth - and it's much easier to get to the stadium from there.

    That ice storm during the Super Bowl week last year was crazy! And very unusual for this area.
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    Oh please. It Is not scary to be in downtown Dallas after dark. Fact of the matter is that the mobility around Dallas is better because of DART and MATA, there are more hotel rooms and better hotels, there are more bars, more clubs, and more options. You can visit VP, uptown, Deep Ellum, and downtown and not need a car. Fort Worth's best asset is strong but small. You better rent a car to enjoy Fort Worth, whereas with Dallas, you have alternatives.

    But Fort Worth is a great alternative to Dallas. They just do not have all the amenities as Dallas.
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    That new Montgomery Plaza in FW is stellar! However, Dallas > FW, and it's not even close.
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    The ice storm was a low probability event that screwed everything up. ... I think you have to give Dallas a bye for last year.

    The Super Bowl seating mishap ... well, that was Jerry's irrational exuberance coupled with a new stadium. Jerry will do better next time around. The stadium is great, so it should be a great venue for a Super Bowl.

    But if I were to attend a Super Bowl, I'd much rather be in a place where I could walk (or take a street car) to everything. New Orleans has that. Apparently Indy does too (weather permitting).
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    Deep Ellem (sp) Baby! Got my first tat there. ;)

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