News: FWST: For Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant, the real man is starting to show

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    By Clarence E. Hill Jr.

    “Of course, like I said once before, it would be a lot different. I really don’t like making excuses, but it’d be a lot different if I grew up the way half the other guys grew up,” Bryant said. “There ain’t no telling what I might be. I accept mine. That’s what men do. You accept what you do wrong, you learn from it, and you do the right thing.”

    By all accounts, Bryant has always been a good kid at heart — with “kid” being the key word in the equation.

    Now that he is growing up and maturing, the real man in Bryant is starting to show.

    His surprising presence at the Men Against Domestic Violence Rally in Dallas alongside Emmitt Smith and Roger Staubach in March was one example of what has been an outstanding off-season for Bryant, one that has been eye-opening because it has been quiet and without controversy.

    No fights with rap stars. No lawsuits from bill collectors. No mall incidents for sagging pants. No family violence charges.

    “I don’t even pay attention to having a quiet off-season,” Bryant said. “That’s not my focus at this point. It’s all about doing the right thing. Of course you’re supposed to stay out of trouble, but just do what you’re supposed to do. It’s not, this is the headline: ‘Dez Bryant staying out of trouble.’ I’m doing what everybody else is doing, that’s doing the right thing.”

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    Maybe early but he is starting to sound Irvin-esque.
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    god I hope not. Remember Michael Irvin gotten a lot of trouble
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    Ok maybe I should have said at the end of irvin's career.
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    I'm proud of his personal change... I care more about what happens to the young man off the field, because football will pass and what will you have left afterwards?

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