News: FWST Galloway: Jerry Jones plays the role of villain in the NFL shutdown

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Mar 17, 2011.

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    Posted Wednesday, Mar. 16, 2011

    By Randy Galloway

    This we know:

    Jerry Jones can take a hit. Knock, knock, knock him down, but you can't knock him out.

    That's the for-better-or-worse beauty of Jerry, about how he personally deals with critics and criticism, with both always in abundance.

    Media-wise, you can write it harsh, and you can talk it harsh, and Jerry's reaction is probably going to be an up-yours smile and a verbal zinger in return. But it's almost never like he's going to let any of us know that we've actually inflicted a wound.

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    I have always thought Jerry was a good owner and a terrible GM. Now I am starting to think he is a terrible owner too.

    I think the cost overruns and the depreciation in assets have Jerruh stretched pretty thin.

    How any fan sympathizes with Jerry is beyond me. Concessions, seat licenses, $75 for parking, the practice facility fiasco, the superbowl fiasco, his series of third tier coaches since Johnson, the team record over the last decade and a half, the performances on draft day, the stupid trades, refusal to hire real football men etc....

    All of this while taxpayers subsidize his for profit business and missteps?
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    Oh I am not sympathetic toward JJ. But then neither am I toward the players. To me it's two greedy parties duking it out.

    Honestly, I wish they will be gridlocked and shutdown the games for a year. Then they will both realize how good they had it and come begging the fans to come back.
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    need some cheese for your whine?
  5. mmillman

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    statement not whine

    maybe you think Jerry has done a great job and if so back it up with some facts not personal attacks
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    I see. You can personally attack Jerry but draw a line when it comes to personal attacks against yourself.


    It's called doing business. Nobody says to buy the jerseys or even go to the games.

    You do realize you DONT have to right?

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