News: FWST: Galloway: With Cowboys scrambling for a victory, Romo's scramble is crucial

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    By Randy Galloway

    PHILADELPHIA -- Just as the Dallas Cowboys appeared to be down and out, headed for the season's most fatal fall of all, suddenly Tony Romo's feet were up and running.

    Romo being Romo, which is always a pro/con debate for Romo watchers, this time resulted in one of his all-time sensational and successful scrambles here Sunday afternoon.

    Exactly where would that particular late third-quarter scramble rank all-time with Romo?

    "I don't rank them," he answered, then added after the proper pause, "but that was No. 1."

    Whatever, it was a miracle move that served as a springboard to reviving a drowsy offense, and quickly, almost everything else went right for the Cowboys, leading to a 38-23 win over the severely broken Eagles.

    The positive ramifications of escaping here with a victory included a couple of points:

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