News: FWST: Garrett offers explanation for late-game play calls

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Oct 18, 2011.

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    By Charean Williams

    IRVING -- Jason Garrett's play-calling Sunday was questioned by every Monday Morning Quarterback, including his owner. But no one evaluated Garrett the offensive coordinator tougher than Garrett the head coach.

    "The most important thing that we're trying to do as coaches is to put our players in position to be successful," Garrett said Monday. "...We always make our decisions based on that, and execution is a big part of that. We go back and evaluate the calls. We go back and evaluate how we executed the situation on those individual plays, and we go forward. We're very process-oriented.

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    I'm not a Garrett fan but I like what he said.

    However, a few more losses and his words will be hollow and meaningless. It is all about the W.
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    You just want to stack good press conferences on top of good conferences. You keep doing that and you're going to have a good football press conference.
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    Just put some freaking points on the board... I feel bad for the defense.
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    I am not anti-Red but I am getting there quickly. His explanation is just as empty as most of his responses in press conferences. When they got the ball back the last time he decides to run to take time off the clock - BRILLIANT !! Except that for the game he is averaging 2.6 yds. per rush and now he thinks with the game on the line the Pats will let him run ? The Pats ran better than we did the whole game and what did their coach ? Passed 9 times in a row I think and won the game. Red was too scared to let Romo pass or he got too scared and too conservative and played not to lose. Either way, he blew the game no matter what "process" he thinks he was fiollowing. Big time choke.

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